Top software for converting characters on the keyboard

The keyboard is one of the most important parts of a computer. Without the keyboard, you are almost unable to access the system. However, for some people, using a keyboard in the regular QWERTY format is difficult. If this is your case, then you can customize your keyboard to use it more conveniently.

For example, you can replace the “Tab” key with the “Ctrl” key by using the keyboard character conversion software. You can also add personalized keys or disable any key you want. Sometimes, some keys on the keyboard can become paralyzed and make your typing difficult. At such times, the use of a keyboard character conversion software is essential. Down here, will introduce you to some of the best free keyboard character conversion software you can use instead of 3rd party tools.

Top software for converting characters on the keyboard

Table of Contents:
1. SharpKeys.
2. Keytweak.
3. Key Mapper.
4. MapKeyboard.
5. Key Remapper.
6. AutoHotkey.

Top software for converting characters on the keyboard

1. SharpKeys

If you’re having trouble translating characters on a keyboard, SharpKeys will help you. For example, if you frequently press the “Fn” key every time you want to press “Ctrl”, you can disable or change their function.

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This software helps you convert to over 104 different key pairs. With a blank interface, you can use this software easily. It will only display the conversions that you have made unless you click on the “Add“to start converting new keys. The interface is also divided into 2 parts vertically, one showing the original key (From Keys) and the other showing the destination key (To Keys).

You can select the root key from the list on the left, and convert it to the destination key on the right. However, since not all listed keys are available on the keyboard, you can click the “Type Key“and then manually type in the key you want to select. To complete this process, click” Write to Registry “and wait for confirmation. Then, close the application and log out, then restart the computer.

– Download SharpKeys here.

2. Keytweak

Keytweak is one of the most popular keyboard character conversion software, allowing you to change all keys, enable or disable them, and even save conversions with a single click. When launching the user interface, it will display the edits on your keyboard along with rows of keys and commands. Here, you can switch each key as required, assign commands, or simply leave it blank to disable it. Once completed, the key will save your command and activate the function of the software.

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There are many reasons to use Keytweak software: for the safety of your computer, identifying keys to open programs, playing games, etc.It is also especially useful when there are paralyzed keys.

– Download Keytweak here.

3. Key Mapper

If you want to reconfigure your keyboard, then you can use the Key Mapper software. For example, you can change the function of a key so that it behaves like a different key, or even another function that is unmatched on the keyboard.

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This free application is available on versions of Windows 2000 and earlier. The program is lightweight and will not take up too much of your memory. It also has a number of different keyboard designs pre-installed.

– Download Key Mapper here.

4. MapKeyboard

Each keyboard character conversion software takes up a certain storage space. However, MapKeyboard has very small capacity and is one of the best software with only 30KB size. You can also easily customize keyboard settings with this free software, although it does not have a Hotkey feature.

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The interface of this software is very similar to the regular keyboard. It is easy to use and easy to understand even for new users. It will allow you to replace the function of a key, as well as create different keyboard layouts according to your needs. Moreover, you can also return to the real keyboard with just one click.

– Download MapKeyboard here.

5. Key Remapper

ATNSOFT’s Key Remapper is one of the software that disables the keys, mouse, mouse wheel, and even switches their function. Basically, it helps you modify the function of the keys. For example, you can switch the Shift key on the left and the Caps Lock key as well as other key pairs.

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It also allows you to replace some mouse buttons or buttons, or with a different set of keys and mouse buttons. You can even block keys, mouse buttons, or rollers on the mouse. Not only that, Key Remapper also limits the function of blocking and converting characters into certain programs. You can also create and change keyboard sets very quickly.

– Download Key Remapper here.

6. AutoHotkey

AutoHotkey is quite different from other software. This is an effective application that is easily accessible. It allows you to assign keyboard and mouse hotkeys, convert keyboard characters, and even switch automatically. This software also helps create hotkey in a very simple way.

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AutoHotkey is free and open source software, comes with a scripting language specific to Windows, which helps you create simple to complex scripts for all tasks. It also gives you the flexibility to automate tasks on your computer. Software with this simple syntax will help you focus on the work rather than the technical aspects.

– Download AutoHotkey here.
While a lot of people are happy with the regular keyboard structure, others always want to make a difference. If you are one of them, give it a try Introduced above, you will surely have a new perfect experience with your already familiar computer. In addition, to master typing with 10 fingers, you should not ignore top 10-finger typing software here.


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