Top software for converting OCR files to text

Top software for converting OCR files to text

Top OCR software will recognize typed words, handwriting, lowercase letters, … in images and convert them into text documents saved on your computer for easier editing. Refer to each software in detail to make it easier to choose!

OCR Optical character recognition is a sophisticated software that allows computers to extract text from images. At first, OCR software was quite rough and unreliable but now, with the power of technology, it has gradually become the fastest way to convert text in images into a document that you can be edited with word processors like Word.

The software supports converting OCR to Text fastest.

If you are looking for a quality, reputable OCR software, invites you to refer to the sharing below.

Top software for converting OCR files to text

1. FreeOCR

It must convert ocr file to text

– Download FreeOCR here.

FreeOCR is a free OCR software that provides all the basic functions you need. If you have a scanner, you can directly scan and extract documents from paper. You can also import images, multi-page files in TIFF and PDF formats into FreeOCR to convert to text. FreeOCR uses an open source tool that was originally developed by Hewlett Packard and then released by Google for everyone to use. FreeOCR also has another name is “Tesseract”.

2. SimpleOCR

It must convert ocr file to text

– Download SimpleOCR here.

As the name implies (SimpleOCR means simple, easy OCR), the software allows you to extract text from your scanners as well as from document files easily and quickly. If you want to extract text from complex documents (for example, containing many rows, columns, images, etc.), you may have to pay. Also, the good thing about this software is that it supports handwriting recognition.

3. Easy Screen OCR

It must convert ocr file to text

– Download Easy Screen OCR here.

Easy Screen OCR is the best free compact OCR software based on Google’s cloud-based identification tool, so you’ll need an internet connection to use it. This OCR application will help you extract text from screenshots, copy text from web pages or any other text on the screen. The special thing is that the application has support for more than 100 languages. So, for example, you want to translate (for example) Japanese text, you just need to take a screenshot and use Easy Screen OCR. It also gives you the option to install custom hotkeys.

4. Capture2Text

It must convert ocr file to text

– Download Capture2Text here.

Capture2Text is a useful software to OCR the text from the file on your screen. Just press the hotkey, select the screen area you want to OCR, and then Capture2Text will send the results directly to the clipboard so you can paste the text into word processors like Word.

You do not need to install the application, just run the executable file and you can use Capture2Text on any Windows operating system from Windows 7 and above. Because Capture2Text is open source software, you can copy and modify it as long as you comply with the terms of the GNU license.

5. A9t9

It must convert ocr file to text

– Download a9t9 here.

As a free and open source software, A9t9 will give you a great OCR experience and no ads disturbed. A9t9 supports many languages. If you use Windows 8.1 or later and need quick OCR without any charge, just click a button on the Windows Store app. A few seconds later A9t9 will process your image into a document for you to edit.

6. Adobe Scan

It must convert ocr file to text

– Download Adobe Scan For Android
– Download Adobe Scan For iPhone

Adobe Scan is an OCR application and the camera scan is compatible with Android or iOS devices. When used, you will not be charged by the application or required to sign up for any Adobe service. After the conversion process, you will eventually receive the text in the PDF file. If you want to edit this file directly, you can use the paid version of Acrobat.

One of the other outstanding features of Adobe Scan is the handwriting recognition. If your handwriting is good quality, the application will be easier to identify. Not only that, the ability to automatically scan, OCR and contacts from business cards of Adobe Scan is also appreciated. In addition, you can sharpen images before extracting text from them.
Above are 6 best software to convert OCR files to text. You refer to Top OCR software to edit scan data best here.


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