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Top software for drawing mind maps on computers, laptops, iMindMap, Edraw Mind Map, XMind


Summary of computer mapping software on computers including iMindMap, Edraw Mind Map, XMind … will help you have many options in using images, icons, colors to match. my work, my content and my topics. Each software has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s find out and choose the software that suits you best.

Users who regularly use charts, drawings, designs, etc. must all be interested in these 3D design software 2017 is the best, these are the best tools in 2016 to help users, engineers, programmers design impressive 3D products. And to create a mind map, users can show by: shown on paper, on boards or computer software, …

In particular, to create the best mind map, Top software for drawing the mind map on the computer will help us write down thoughts about ideas to have an easy and simple way to solve the problem.

Top drawing software sMind map:

1. Edraw Mind Map

It’s a free mind mapping software, with built-in templates and examples that make Edraw Mind Map very easy to use.

Edraw Mind Map has various embedded features such as: smart drawing guide creates simple drawing tools, integrating themes, effects, styles; Auto-align, compatible with MS office, support for large size diagrams and multiple pages, easy sharing and lots of other features.

How to draw a mind map using software on a computer

Using Edraw Mind Map, you can create ideas visually on your computer and organize your work easily.

Download and install Edraw Mind Map: Download Edraw Mind Map

2. Mindjet MindManager

Mindjet MindManager is known as software that helps organize your work in a smart, creative and time-saving way.

Mindjet MindManager helps you track workgroups, communicate information and organize work efficiently. It is provided with simple to complex thinking patterns for users to choose from. If you are confused between the mind maps you can also use the view of multiple diagrams at the same time to make comparisons.

How to draw a mind map on your computer with MindManager

Moreover Mindjet MindManager also has the advantage that the interface is similar to Office 2007 so it is easy to use.

Download and install Mindjet MindManager: Download Mindjet MindManager

3. iMindMap

iMindMap is known as mind mapping software. This software helps to support children’s learning, promote positive thinking in children’s minds and give ideas and organize them in the form of a mind map.

In the era of information technology, learning progress is not hard work. Smart software such as iMindMap is a technology support that is very useful in learning, creating mind maps.

Draw a mindmap mind map

iMindMap has the main features such as: using necessary images, creating images, general content, using colors to highlight problems, drawing diagrams quickly and easily.

Download and install iMindMap: Download IMindMap

4. XMind

XMind is known as the software to build mind charts, which helps track and organize tasks from small to large in the simplest way. This is great software to create and organize your ideas.

XMind software has integrated many shapes and layout for you to easily design and express different meanings. It also provides a set of tools for adding XMind’s own templates to make the application context more special. Using additional brushstrokes, you can design a mind map that is more effective and accurate

Mind mapping

Download and install: Download XMind

Instructions for using Mindjet MindManager software:

Step 1: In the interface of Mindjet MindManager select File.

Step 2: Go to New to see the models of mind maps available. If you want to create mind maps for an event or a meeting. Click here

Step 3: will try to create a mind map of a feedback meeting. Click on the diagram.

Step 4: Next select Create map.

Step 5: You can edit the content of the mind map by clicking on the pen and paper icon. Then edit Text in the Topic Notes panel.

Or edit the main content of the diagram as you like by clicking on the diagram. Then fix it as you like.

Above is an introduction to the top top thinking software currently recommended for use. also gave detailed instructions on how to use mind mapping software Mindjet MindManager. Together to install and use these software to make charts, drawings … easier than ever.
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