Top software for testing hard drive speed, reading and writing

The speed of the hard drive determines a small part to the speed of the entire computer system. So you want to know the hard drive you are using, how fast, is there any error or not? Is there a software to test the hard drive speed, how to read and write best? The following article will share the top software that will help you.

Hard drive is an important component of your computer. Not only is the component storing user data, the hard drive also stores data of the whole system. If unfortunately the hard drive has a problem leading to a failure, the important data of the user will most likely be lost. In addition, if the hard drive does not reach the highest read / write speed, it will make your system sluggish, slow and affect performance.

Best software to check hard drive speed

Top software for testing hard drive speed, reading and writing

In case you buy a new hard drive or buy an old hard drive, checking the read / write speed of the hard drive with one of the following software is an issue that you should care about and should do to protect your hard drive. plan to buy stable and right operation.

1. CrystalDiskMark hard drive speed test software

– Download software CrystalDiskMark here: Download CrystalDiskMark

CrystalDiskMark allows users to perform tests to review hard drive performance. The program will perform checks through the speed of random read and write and sequential blocks of 4KB / 512KB data on the hard drive.

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The test of read and write speed to the drive CrystalDiskMark There is no difficulty, the software’s simple interface will display the full parameters of the hard drive. You see the instructions Check the read and write speed of the drive with CrystalDiskMark in our tips section.

The main features of CrystalDiskMark worth noting are:

– Check the activity of the hard drive.
– Perform read and write speed tests on the hard drive.
– Display hard drive information.
– Fast processing speed.

2. Hard drive speed test software HD Speed ​​Test

– Download software HD Speed ​​Test here: Download HD Speed ​​Test

HD Speed is a disk performance testing software that allows you to adjust the inspection program according to the number of files and the file size written to the drive, disable the system cache and enable write mode to check. CD driver. Disk checking is monitored directly on the main application window.

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HDD Speed ​​Test automatically save disk test results including file writing time and data transfer speed to the activity log file in the drive or save as text files to an optional folder. If you need to evaluate the performance of your hard drive and compare it with other devices, HDD Speed ​​Test will definitely meet your requirements except the downside is that the app only supports German.

The main features of HDD Speed ​​Test can include:

– Check the operating speed of the drive.
– Compare performance between drives

3. HDD Regenerator hard drive error checking software

– Download software HDD Regenerator here: Download HDD Regenerator

HDD Regenerator is a software that checks and fixes basic errors on the hard drive, can repair Bad Sector in DOS environment by creating a floppy disk or creating a USB boot containing a Boot-able repair program. HDD Regenerator is the simplest way to deal with the common Bad Sector problem on your hard drive.

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HDD Regenerator The main function is to back up all important files that can boot in damaged hard drive. Not only that, the program also allows the computer to automatically rescue errors that appear on the hard drive or localize damaged areas on the drive.

Theme of HDD Regenerator Also quite friendly and easy to understand. The functions and instructions of the program are designed with high clarity and detail, so you can feel secure when using them.

To better understand how to fix bad hard drive with HDD Regenerator, you see instructions for fixing bad hard drive with HDD Regenerator in the tips that we have introduced, shared.

The main features of HDD Regenerator can include:

– Check and detect computer hard drive errors.
– Recover almost all important files of the hard drive.
– Can automatically locate and repair errors on the hard drive through auto boot.
– Box statistics data of the hard drive.
– Compact size, flexible.

4. Hard Disk Sentinel hard disk speed test software

– Download software Hard Disk Sentinel here: Download Hard Disk Sentinel

Hard Disk Sentinel is a software to monitor and test the speed of professional hard drives currently, support HDD and SSD drives. The purpose of this software is to test, diagnose, detect and fix errors related to the hard drive of the computer, Hard Disk Sentinel gives users a complete description, providing the most complete and detailed information about your hard drive.

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Hard Disk Sentinel owns a completely designed interface that is easy to use, all information is displayed in the main window of the application, quick control buttons will help users easily access the information. Information regarding hard drives and partitions. With the intuitive and intuitive interface of this software, users can easily access many red, blue, yellow information to identify the seriousness of the problem.

Also software Hard Disk Sentinel It also provides many other intelligent management functions such as noise checking, creating detailed logs, alerts, shutting down computers, providing a lot of information about the computer, hard drive performance, hard drive partitions, management. audio and clock synchronization.

Key features of Hard Disk Sentinel:

– Support you to check hard drive speed effectively.
– Inform about the upcoming temperature, condition and hazards.
– Allow processing options.
– Clear checkout process for you to follow.

5. Software for checking hard drive errors Crystal Disk Info

– Download software Crystal Disk Info here: Download Crystal Disk Info

CrystalDiskInfo is a software that monitors and monitors the current state of your hard drive, giving you peace of mind always knowing what your hard drive is in. With CrystalDiskInfo, depending on the health of your hard drive, the software will display the colors to mark, and you can view the temperature, core software version, hard drive caching capacity, testing, analysis and Report hard disk problems …

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CrystalDiskInfo It is considered as the simplest and most compact solution for you to evaluate and check the hard drive at the present time, to foresee the potential risks that may occur with the hard drive, especially with those containing Many important data. On the other hand, with this software you can know the errors that your hard drive is facing, such as inaccessible errors, fragmented errors for data backup options, hard drive maintenance.

Some key features of CrystalDiskInfo are noteworthy:

– Check your computer hard drive accurately and effectively.
– Detailed statistical reports on results
– Support many report file formats.

Above is the article about Top software for testing hard drive speed, reading and writing The best current according to Each of the above applications and software has different features, methods and advantages, so you should, depending on your work needs and choose the most appropriate software to use.
Also, if you are looking to buy yourself the best SSD, please refer to the top share SSD drive Best for computers that has introduced to have more information to choose. Wish you success and get the best choice.


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