Top software that supports Bluetooth connectivity with computers

Top software that supports Bluetooth connectivity with computers

Having trouble connecting Bluetooth to a computer? Come to the top of the following Bluetooth connection software for our computer, choose a solution and test it on your own device.

There are many reasons why your device cannot Bluetooth with your computer despite repeated attempts, which is why we need to Bluetooth connection software to the computer, using Bluetooth-connected software to your computer will help you connect to your computer, especially Chinese devices that always have this problem.

With the software to connect Bluetooth to computer in this article will support users not only turn on Bluetooth but also optimize the reception and compatibility of Bluetooth devices, of course, there is no choice. It also satisfies the user so with the 5 options below you read, try it yourself and experience how it results.

Top software to connect Bluetooth to computer

1. BlueSoleil software

top software to connect bluetooth connection with computer 2

– Download BlueSoleil to your computer here, download BlueSoleil.

BlueSoleil Bluetooth software that connects Bluetooth to computer and other devices via bluetooth to quickly and safely transfer data. BlueSoleil allows transferring files between PC and Camera, mobile phone, phone, printer … in addition, you can use Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse to control the computer in case Bluetooth wears The connection of the peripheral devices is not stable.

Main features of BlueSoleil:

– Connect computers to bluetooth devices.
– Provides full features such as drivers installed on the computer.
– Connect computers with devices: camera, mobile phone, phone, printer …
– Simple interface and easy to use.
– Design with relatively small capacity, easy to install just a few simple steps.

2. BlueAuditor software

top software to connect bluetooth connection with computer 3

– Download BlueAuditor to your computer here, download BlueAuditor.

BlueAuditor Bluetooth software for computers to monitor and control Bluetooth devices. The software is capable of detecting and tracking any Bluetooth device within a range of 1 to 100 meters, displaying relevant information as well as the services that these devices provide.

Key features of BlueAuditor:

-Track, control Bluetooth devices.
– Detect and track Bluetooth devices from 1 to 100 meters away.
– Display of information and services provided by Bluetooth devices.
– Prevent security holes.
– Save the report in XML format.
– Support many Drivers to work with many different devices.
– Free and fast updates.
– 24/7 online support (if buying copyright).

3. Bluetooth Driver software

top software to connect bluetooth connection with computer 4

– Download Bluetooth Driver to your computer here, download Bluetooth Driver.

Bluetooth Driver Bluetooth software is connected to the computer, supporting the installation of drivers to help users easily connect Bluetooth devices. With Bluetooth Driver you can make connection with most bluetooth adapters including hardlock USB (dongle) and built-in (built-in).

Key features of Bluetooth Driver:

– Provide a rich source of drivers.
– Support many USB devices of different manufacturers.
– Free to use.
– Support of Windows operating systems.
– Compact size.
– Upgrade firmware for bluetooth devices.

4. Bluetooth Software

top software to connect bluetooth connection with computer 5

– Download Bluetooth Software here, download Bluetooth Software.

Bluetooth is a software that connects Bluetooth to a computer, helping users to transfer data and connect to other devices simply and easily. To connect bluetooth to computer, use BlueSoleil tool to perform operations such as data transfer, print, data sharing .., faster and easier, BlueSoleil’s advantages are Support for USB, UART, PCMCIA and BCSP standards, allows you to specify the type of Bluetooth device you want to use.

Key features of Bluetooth Software:

– Support many Bluetooth software of famous brands.
– Provide Bluetooth drivers with integrated EDR technology.
– Provide Bluetooth remote control driver.
– Provide hands-free Bluetooth driver
– Many other drivers.
– Free to use.
– Supports Windows operating system.

5. BluetoothCL software

top software to connect bluetooth connection with computer 6

– Download BluetoothCL to your computer here, download BluetoothCL.

BluetoothCL Bluetoot is a software that connects computers with Bluetoot to help monitor and monitor Bluetooth connections with computers with details of each device. BluetoothCL performs information collection of devices at a faster and more efficient rate, allowing redirection of output for each device just like with other applications.

Key features of BluetoothCL:

– Display the list of Bluetooth devices connected to the computer
– Provide detailed information about the device
– Scan at a fast speed
– View manufacturer and device name
Above is the top of the Bluetooth software connected to the computer, with the above software are easy to install and use, especially BlueSoleil, has many times instructed you to read how to use this software. Using BlueSoilei makes it easier and safer for users to connect computers to phone via Bluetooth, if you are having problems Connect the computer to the phone via Bluetooth can try this software.


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