Top sports game worth playing

There will be many people who question the top sports games worth playing, the following article will list the names worthy of being in the list of top sports games worth playing.

Top sports game worth playing

It is strange that sports games were born, causing many people to wonder why you have to play football game when you can go to the grass to play football yourself? Why sit in boxing games when you can stand in the middle of the ring to challenge other opponents?

It’s very simple, sometimes these games are a recreational vehicle for professional athletes, sometimes a place for some people to fulfill their burning dreams about sports because they do not have enough. health conditions to be able to fulfill their dreams, sometimes to meet the interests of sports enthusiasts to control the athletes they love … So for all those Who like them, are the top sports games worth playing?


There is no question that FIFA has always been the No. 1 global sports game brand, even though it squeezed lemon every year, the game released a new version, but it did not make the fans feel bored. with this game. The joy of the majority of gamers when it comes to the FIFA series of games is to own and control the famous players that they love.

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The launch of the FIFA Online version also attracts millions of gamers to compete in hundreds of virtual football seasons, along with big tournament systems with the dream money to help gamers. live with your passion.

2. Tony Hawk’s

Despite being an old game series that was released many years ago, this is the only series ever to bring success to the street sports game series. Tony Hawk’s focuses on skateboarding, a real life protagonist who is a professional skateboarder with his legendary skills.

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The game not only gives players the extreme excitement when performing performance, but also shows the youth, dynamism, health and generosity of people who are passionate about this type of sport. . For many gamers who don’t have the talent or health to join this extreme skateboarding game, the Tony Hawk’s series of games is their savior.

3. Madden NFL

Madden NFL is a sports simulation game based on the American professional football league – NFL (National Football League). This game is rated as the most realistic simulation sports game today and creates very positive effects in promoting American gamers to participate in sports more.

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Somehow Madden NFL has been able to instill motivation for the player, creating very genuine emotions when the player wins or loses even if it is only in the game. Madden NFL owns a professional tournament in the US and this is also an eSport tournament about sports games that are most interested in American gamers. It is also because of the large participation that this tournament was the target for a shootings in mid-2018.

4. Football Manager

Why bother when your favorite club or team fails? Blaming the coach, cursing players, disparaging supporters are all useless things. Why not become a manager yourself, take full control of a team, create your own tactics, lead your team to victories, conquer the heights like Champion Leagues , Premier League even the World Cup. That’s what Football Manager, a sports game that simulates football management gives you.

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Not only stopping at football matches on the pitch, Football Manager also includes a lot of management jobs on the sidelines, from recruiting a team of assistants, investing in grassroots teams, buying and selling, transfer, interviews. … whatever the football management is involved in this series of games. The game is not only for football enthusiasts but also a great support tool for future managers.

– Download Football Manager 2019 here.

5. NBA Live and NBA 2k

Speaking of basketball games, there are always two fierce competing game brands: EA’s NBA Live and NBA 2k from 2K Games. In countries from 2018 and earlier, the NBA 2k game line is usually more well received by good control mechanisms and massive feature systems, but from 2018 onwards, NBA Live is alive with the NBA version. Live 2019 with significant changes compared to its predecessors, the biggest improvement is the extremely realistic graphics, while NBA 2k has lagged behind in this regard.

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The battle between these two basketball products is certainly not far from over, but the point here is that both are great sports games, giving players true feelings. , exploding as if they were sitting in the stadium watching a beautiful clutch from their favorite player.

6. Pro Evolution Soccer

Against FIFA from EA from the US, Konami of Japan has created a brand of football game probably the most favorite at the PlayStation in Vietnam, which is Winning Eleven or Pro Evolution Soccer that we still called intimately as PES. FIFA and PES have a few differences in the control mechanism but lead to the gameplay of the two games become completely different so it is difficult to say which game is really better but it depends on each person. .

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So PES is still a favorite game even though it still faces certain criticisms, this game also does not get the full image copyright of the FIFA system like the game of the same name by EA, so many Players will also feel different from the strange teams that are familiar. In the past two years, PES has been somewhat weaker in terms of graphics and authenticity than FIFA, but the lack of honesty of a game is sometimes a good thing for gamers. PES deserves in the list of top sports games worth playing.

– Download Pro Evolution Soccer 6

7. MLB The Show

Continuing to be a sports game named after a professional American sports tournament, a professional baseball tournament. Possessing beautiful graphics, realistic movement simulation, the gameplay is not too difficult but requires extremely quick hand eyes. Just like Madden NFL, MLB The Show is a sports game that brings extremely real feelings to gamers.

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Thanks to the strong investment of Sony and the hardware of the PlayStation, MLB The Show is attracting a lot of gamers to participate and compete in the online arena. The game also owns tournaments with valuable prize money.

8. EA Sports UFC

Is the game simulation of the most violent sports tournament in the world, UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). With the main subject being MMA in martial arts, the athlete will use all his skills and martial arts to defeat the opponent. EA Sports UFC is the game that simulates all the powerful and deadly attacks perfectly.

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More and more followers are even competing in this top-level tournament, which means more and more players are coming to the game. The feeling of knocking out an opponent with just one punch really makes a difference for this game even though the developer himself has reduced the violent gore of the game many times.

– Download EA SPORTS UFC For Android
– Download EA SPORTS UFC For iPhone

9.Top Spin

Tennis is considered an elegant sport and it is increasingly popular in Vietnam. However, the main needs of participants in this subject are mainly to improve their health as well as to participate in an environment of interaction, competition, and learning from each other. So if you really love tennis with legends like Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer … you definitely can not ignore the Top Spin game.

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A sports game simulating tennis will take you through the grass to clay courts, conquer major tournaments like Grand Slam, ATP … step to the top of your career with the athletes you favorite or more simply an athlete you created yourself.

Above is the top sports game worth playing today, hopefully through the article you will find more favorite sports games for yourself in addition to names like FIFA or PES. I wish you happy gaming.
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