Top strongest generals Season 11 Lien Lien Mobile

Mobile Alliance has entered the 11th season with a lot of champion changes and you will wonder what are the strongest generals in Mobile Alliance this season? Taimienphi would like to be answered by the article Top strongest generals season 11 Coalition.

Up to 6 generals have been buffed in this 11th season, but not all of them have become more powerful, here are 9 names in the top most powerful generals of Mobile Union season 11.

List of the strongest generals season 11 Lien Lien Mobile

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List of strongest generals:
1. Florentino.
2. Yena.
3. Omen.
4. Richter.
5. Sculpting Boat.
6. Lauriel.
7. Mganga.
8. Zip.
9. Hayate.

Top strongest generals Season 11 Lien Lien Mobile

1. Florentino

Not in the list of general strengthened in season 11 but Florentino is still an extremely powerful assassin on the battlefield. Florentino’s passive and skill 1, 2 for extremely annoying poke ability and permanent attack ability make this hero stronger and stronger at the end of the game. Florentino is at his best when soloing or jungling, but this champion is often used by professional gamers to go more solo.

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2. Yena

Also a killer gladiator, but Yena is more inclined towards the assassin with the ability to perform up to 7 moves in the match making her an extremely formidable champion. Her skill set is full of abilities such as slowing, locking, knocking, and dealing massive damage on a wide area for a melee champion. Yena is extremely useful when players want to clear the soldiers and push the road quickly, and even when solo, this girl does not bother anyone. But because this is an extremely difficult champion to control but if she is in the hands of a highly skilled mobile coalition player, she will be a huge threat.

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3. Omen

Dubbed the solo king and until the 11th season, no general has been able to replace this position. Omen is a great damage-oriented general with a very powerful locking skill set, capable of resisting extremely strong and energy-free, Omen is a nightmare of every test if he must solo with him. This is the general that solo players often use to climb the rank and often appear in the diamond rank arena, high players.

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4. Richter

Possessing a virtual sword, changing colors according to the terrain that Richter stands, corresponding to each color is a state that is beneficial to Richter, from increasing immunity, increasing running speed to increasing attack speed. , turning every terrain into his own advantage. Richter ambush catches the target and creates mutations in the fight, can help teammates flip from a losing position to a victory moment, Richter is trusted by many gamers to climb the rank in the Federation.

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5. Sculpting Boat

Increased power significantly in season 11, Diao Chance is a general spell with the ability to deal large area of ​​damage and possess extremely uncomfortable control effects. This is the best team capable of teamwork in recent seasons. With the changes of season 11, it is harder to catch if the odd catcher only has one control skill, the last move of the Boat is very difficult to be solved and is a threat to all champions The enemy is trying to get close.

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6. Lauriel

In previous seasons, Lauriel suffered a lot of nerf due to her ability to fly and heal so badly. Therefore, she has almost no opportunity on the battlefield in recent seasons due to the easy assassination of the assassins on the table and Lauriel can be green enough, enough items to participate in the total combat for too long. Season 11 Lauriel increased speed from 340 to 350 with the appearance of the badges system, when players use the third level Holy Lauren badge for Lauriel will help her to live longer in the game and By the middle and the end of the game, maybe we will not need to discuss the strength of this champion.

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7. Mganga

Mganga has always been a champion with the ability to burn very well thanks to his poison-prone skill set. In season 11, only a small change is increased range of poison gas skills from 7 to 7.5 and normal range from 6.6 to 6.8 has made this evil clown much more dangerous and powerful. No champion wants to get hit with Mganga’s poison combo if he doesn’t want to have to count the numbers too early.

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8. Zip

Zip is a new champion in Mobile Federation with great support and support. With the second move, Zip can swallow allies and all types of creeps in the stomach, can both tell weak teammates to flee and can create a surprise element when attacking when the opponent does not know Zip What is swallowing in the stomach. This is also an extremely annoying disruptive champion, which can make the jungler of the enemy team cry because of losing fat forest resources. This is an extremely effective assistant in this 11 season.

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9. Hayate

Since his debut, Hayate has been named the gunner of the year for his maneuverability and mobility on the battlefield. Hayate can poke the opponent’s blood from the beginning of the game, weakening them and quickly finishing them with the ultimate to deal massive damage to multiple targets. The ability to stack multiple targets and wipe out enemies in the blink of an eye helps Hayate always cause high mutations in combat. This is also a regular gunner in the list of banned players when climbing to high ranks.

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These are the top 11 most powerful champions in League of Mobile and you need to try to own and master one of the above generals if you want to have high rankings in this season Besides, gamers refer to the top list the general defended the Coalition during season 11 here.
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