Top timer software to turn off the computer

Software to shut down the computer is an indispensable choice for many users, especially those who often have to “watch” on the computer during the process of downloading data, rendering images, videos … Therefore, to save your time Taimienphi would like to introduce a list of how the timer software turns off the computer so readers can choose and apply on their devices to avoid wasting time in vain.

In daily life, sometimes you are downloading data or rendering images, videos that the program has not finished running and must be folded out. At that time, you do not feel secure because the computer is still operating normally without turning off the computer. The solution for you now is to use automatic shutdown timer software, but there are quite a lot of software supporting this job that make it difficult for you to choose and do not know which software is good. and the most optimal. Therefore, the following article, Taimienphi will share with readers a list of computer shutdown timer software that you can apply as well as the best for every operating system today.

Top timer software to turn off the computer

1. Wise Auto Shutdown

Wise Auto Shutdown is an effective software to turn off the computer, help the computer automatically shut down after playing a playlist, downloading a video or an application … so that you do not have to turn off manually. work. You can schedule a task to perform tasks by daily time or a specific milestone. The software allows you to use many different modes on the computer, and reminds you 5 minutes in advance when preparing to perform predefined tasks.

Wise Auto Shutdown has a quite simple interface with a main screen showing all supported tasks, accompanied by time settings. The software can work on many common operating systems and does not require the user to use a machine configuration. The application is very compact as well as has the ability to replace the functions of the same toolkit on the computer.

View details and download the latest version of Wise Auto Shutdown here.

2. Counter Timer

Counter Timer is a tool to help users turn off the computer automatically according to the time of the previous appointment. In particular, Counter Timer provides additional features Shutdown PC timer, logoff PC, reboot PC, Standby PC … The software is quite compact and simple to use to prevent users from falling asleep while watching movies, downloading data, … so that it is selected and used by many users.

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Using Counter Timer is also very simple because the functions of the application are arranged and arranged scientifically on the program window so it is easy to access and use. The interface of the software is also translated into many popular languages ​​in the world including Vietnamese, so it is suitable for many users.

View details and download the latest version of Counter Timer here.

3. Auto shutdown

As the name implies, Auto shutdown is a software that supports users to schedule automatic shutdown of the computer. Auto shutdown gives users the ability to set the time to shut down the computer automatically with just a few simple steps. In particular, users can set up shortcuts for each function so that they can be used more simply. Auto shutdown is really an essential and useful tool for those who are always asleep when watching movies, listening to music on the computer.

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Your computer will work better and have a long life thanks to Auto shutdown. Moreover, you will be completely assured that your beloved computer will never have to operate 24 hours a day. In addition, Auto shutdown provides useful features for you: automatic shutdown, stand-by, hibernation, etc.

View details and download the latest version of Auto shutdown here.

4. Shutter

Shutter is a software that supports shutting down and starting the computer based on the available events, meaning that you can optionally set the shutdown as soon as a program stops working, when the CPU usage is excessive or when After watching a movie, listening to music on Winamp software …

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In addition to the shutdown function, you can request the computer to start immediately based on log-off mode or to receive notifications when an event is about to occur. The program allows you to optionally select an audio file as a notification sound or run any program to replace the normal shutdown notification function.

View details and download the latest version of Shutter here.

5. ShutdownGuard

ShutdownGuard is a simple and compact utility that helps users manage computer shutdown and restart operations in the case of program settings or changes to system settings. The program will always notify you whenever the system automatically shuts down or restarts Windows.

ShutdownGuard not only provides automatic shutdown management, but also disables startup applications on the system, set up a scientific and reasonable shutdown mode. The program also integrates features such as creating messages, displaying language options or activating notification sounds. The program can work in the background so it saves space on the computer.

View details and download the latest version of ShutdownGuard here.

Thus, the above are the best software to turn off the computer now that many users choose. Although these 5 software have the same function that allows you to set the time to turn off or start the computer, each software has its own advantages and disadvantages, readers can refer and choose for themselves. Separate software to support current work.

In addition, if you simply download the data file, readers only need to use the software that supports IDM download and set the feature to automatically turn off the computer when the file is downloaded. All instructions in detail how timer to turn off the computer with IDM After downloading the file, we shared it in the previous article, readers can refer. I wish you success and use your smart computer your way.

There are many ways to schedule a Windows 10 shutdown, both using software and without using software. You can learn more about the methods of timer shutdown win 10 through sharing on offline.


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