Top useful features of Gmail

There are many useful features of Gmail that you may not know, with the following useful features of Gmail, you will see that using Gmail is not only sending and receiving mail, but you can also do many other things.

We all know that Gmail is a tool that allows you to receive and send mail for free now, the number of people using Gmail is huge and to further develop Gmail is constantly launching a lot of Useful features of Gmail Serve for the work of the user.

In this article, has summarized for you many useful features of Gmail, features that help you simplify things as well as optimize your work after each Gmail login and use. If you are a regular user of Gmail, log in to Gmail regularly in this service, you will not be able to ignore the top useful features of Gmail below.

Top usefulness of Gmail

1. Send and store in Gmail region at.

Sending and archiving, also known as Send & Archive, is a feature that allows you to send and back up a copy at the same time, this feature is always hidden and you can enable it in the VGA settings.

Step 1: First when Sign into Gmail If you do not see the gear icon, please click on it and select settings.

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Step 2: Here, in the first part, you just need to activate and display the button send and store in the answer is yes.

gmail top guide of gmail 3

Step 3: Next you click save changes to proceed to save the last settings, so we have successfully activated one of the useful features of Gmail already.

gmail top guide of gmail 4

2. Send multiple attachments in Gmail.

This is really a useful feature of simple Gmail that has said many times if you read the note, basically sending many Gmail attachments is not difficult at all when you just need to hold Ctrl and click on each file is to be.

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However, you still need to note the total file size is not more than 30 MB okay, if it’s too then you still have to remove it because this is a Gmail rule. But for new users of Gmail, this is really useful of Gmail.

3. Categorize read and unread mail.

One of the useful features of Gmail is to help you categorize which messages have not been read and which have been read. Instead of clicking and searching why not use the search tool with special code right below.

– Specifically, to filter unread letters in Inbox we use the command label: unread label: inbox.

gmail top guide of gmail 6

– And if you want to filter read messages in Inbox we use the command label: read label: inbox.

gmail top guide of gmail 7

Note that if you quit label: inbox Out will filter all Gmail messages, not the Inbox part alone.

4. Automatically reply to messages in Gmail.

Automatically replying to messages in Gmail is not a new feature that introduced, but it deserves to be one of the useful features of Gmail because of its many features as well as essential for your work.

Step 1: You must first enter section install familiar on Gmail.

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Step 2: Next you pull down the bottom will see the auto-reply setting in Gmail, enter the conversation yourself and then click save changes to proceed to save the settings offline.

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5. Create groups to send multiple Mail.

As you know Gmail limits users to sending a certain number of Mail a day, this is bad news for those who often have to send quotes to customers in large quantities. However, we still have a way to send more than this number and that is to use creating Gmail group to send mail more than once, creating a group is also very easy and also has instructions for doing this. this. More specifically, readers can refer to the way Create a Gmail grouphere.

6. Use keyboard shortcuts on Gmail.

Keyboard shortcuts are not only useful for Gmail, but any operating system, software or web browser needs it. If you know the Gmail shortcuts will help you manipulate much faster on Gmail. More details about the Gmail shortcut you read can be found here, although the Gmail shortcut is not much but it is enough for you.

With the usefulness of Gmail hope that readers of can customize their Gmail more, use Gmail as well as save time for their work even more.
And for added security, why not send encrypted emails on Gmail, this is one of the very important features on Gmail. Do not miss this feature in our article below, way Send encrypted email on Gmail for more details on this information.


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