Top ways to troubleshoot computer mouse

Loose mouse cables or updating the mouse drive and Touchpad errors can cause your computer mouse to crash, let’s find out the Top 6 ways you can fix mouse computer problems. calculated in Windows 10.

Summary of how to troubleshoot computer mouse

Table of Contents:
1. Incompatible Drivers.
2. The mouse “freezes” and the cursor disappears.
3. The mouse “stiff” and emits a noise.
4. The touch keyboard (Touchpad) freezes.
5. Mouse Acceleration.
6. Nvidia driver.

1. Incompatible Drivers

Windows 10 mouse issues can be caused by system drivers.

Windows 10 will take care of driver updates for most hardware. However, there are times when it doesn’t find driver updates after its release.

You can now manually install driver updates.

Enter submission device manager in the search bar above Start Menu, then select corresponding option.

Scroll down and select Mice and other pointing devices, then right-click to select Property> Select tab Driver, already Update Driver.

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If the driver is correct

If you downloaded the driver directly from the manufacturer, select Browse my computer for driver software.

On the next page, use the option Browser locates the driver (driver), then select next to install the driver.

Restart the computer when done.

If the driver (driver) is incorrect

If you cannot download the driver directly from the manufacturer, click Search automatically for updated driver software.

Windows will now automatically scan your computer and the Internet for driver updates and install compatible ones.

If the driver is not up to date

In this case, you can manually install the mouse driver. Write down the name of the mouse or touchpad (Touchpad), then go to the manufacturer’s website. At this point, the manufacturer will provide you with the latest update of the mouse driver.

If you do not find compatible updates, search “[PC model] windows 10 mouse driver, “or”[laptop model] windows 10 touchpad driver “.

Once the mouse driver has loaded, come back Device Manager> Mouse Properties> select the Device tab and Uninstall And follow the instructions.

2. The mouse “freezes” and the cursor disappears

Disable Realtek HD audio manager Helps fix both mouse freezing and pointer disappearance issues.

Right click Task bar (Taskbar), select The task manager (Task Manager) and go to the tab Start-up.

if you see Realtek HD Audio Manager, right click and select Disable. Reboot the system when done.

3. The mouse “stiff” and emits a noise

Driver problems cause the mouse to “freeze” and make a noise. To put an end to this, go to Device Manager, choose Human Interface Devices, you will see the list XINPUT Compatible HID.

First, you need to download the version of Xbox Wireless Adapter and decompress it to memory. Then go back to the list XINPUT in Device Manager.

Right click and select Update Driver Software.

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Choose Browse my computer for driver software >Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

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On the next screen, select Have Disk Allows browsing the system to search for a suitable driver.

Choose Browser to locate the extracted files. Select and open xinputhid, then press OK, got it

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You return to the driver screen to search for options available for XINPUT driver.

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Although Windows has fixed the error, but if there are outstanding problems, search and uninstall (Uninstall) and update the new version.

4. The touch keyboard (Touchpad) freezes

The “freeze” touchpad (Touchpad) randomly involves the Synaptics touchpad driver because of a conflict between the Windows 10 touchpad driver installation and the normal touchpad driver installation.

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Step 1: Find mouse in the bar Start Menu and choose Change your mouse settings.
You can also find Mouse in the bar Cortana search and choose Change your mouse settings.
Step 2: At the bottom of the menu Mouse & touchpad Opened is optional Additional mouse options.
Step 3: Select the tab ClickPad> Settings> Advanced Tab.
Step 4: Drag down the bar Filter Activation Time, return 0 Seconds and press OK, got it.

5. Mouse Acceleration

The problem of mouse suddenly speeding up is detrimental for users, especially gamers. However, there is no definite fix for this problem. Please select one of the following mouse acceleration solutions:

Turn it off and on again

Step 1: Execute the command sequence Control Panel> Hardware & Sound> Mouse
Step 2:Select tab Pointer Options
Step 3:Uncheck it Enhance pointer precision and disable mouse acceleration (Acceleration)
Step 4: Click Apply and press OK, got it.

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MarkC Mouse Fix

If the method Turn it off and on again does not work, MarkC Mouse Fix will help you fix Windows mouse acceleration problem.

MarkC Mouse Fix is a registry file that eliminates the ability to speed up the mouse pointer of Windows 10, adjusting the feature to the level of accuracy you expect.

Download the zip file MarkC Mouse Fix and extract it to a memorable location.

Next, find out DPI (Dots Per Inch) which you currently use by typing display to enter Search baron the Start Menu and choose Display settings from the options.

If the slider is completely on the left, DPI Your impression is 100%. If it’s in the middle, or right, it indicates a different ratio. Click the slider to display the current DPI. Record your DPI.

Return to the directory MarkC Mouse Fix Unzipped, locate your version of Windows and open the folder. Select the registry file that corresponds to your display DPI. Reply YES or OK, got it with reminders(prompts) appear. Remember to reboot the system to complete the repair.

Windows 10 game bar

Windows 10 Game Bar is a handy feature for gamers and the Windows 10 game bar that can trigger mouse acceleration issues.

Use keyboard shortcuts Windows Key + G to activate recording event and try it yourself and note if your mouse acceleration problem starts later.

6. Nvidia driver

After the update Windows Fall Creators Update in October 2018, some users reported a mouse crash in a lower resolution environment. Specifically, the mouse buttons continue to work, but the motion stops.

The reason for this is Outdated Nvidia drivers.

To update Nvidia driver, first go to tranged Nvidia driver (Nvidia drivers page).

Choose your Nvidia product from dropdown boxes, then select Start Search. The latest drivers for your Nvidia graphics card will appear in the results below. Download and install the latest version.

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Above is the detailed information about Top 6 ways to troubleshoot computer mouse. Hopefully the above article of has provided you with useful information. Also if there are any questions or questions that need answers as the way Fix computer error does not recognize the keyboard , mouse, readers can leave your comments in the comment section below the article.


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