Top website for downloading beautiful free fonts

Using fonts for text editing or design is indispensable, bringing a fresh, unique, different look … but finding websites for downloading fonts for free and for the right purpose. Back is not easy. Here are the top websites for downloading beautiful free fonts that have been synthesized and sent to you by Please refer

You know, fonts are indispensable for our computer, especially for those who specialize in design, it is indispensable for beautiful fonts. Currently on the Internet there are many sources, many places for you to download Fonts, but these Fonts often have unclear origin and many of the Fonts are duplicated.

Top website for downloading beautiful free fonts

For accurate, useful information, this article will introduce Top websites for downloading beautiful free fonts for you to refer and choose.


1. Website Google Font

Access Google Font HERE

The web Google Fonts is the site for downloading the first Font I want to introduce in this article. This website is a large library with over 800 families of fonts of various types, from Sans serif to handwritten fonts, monospaced fonts and more.

top website for download free fonts of cuc 2

Google Fonts It is used extensively from ordinary users to professional designers. Using this web, you can store fonts faster and more reliably, and especially fonts in Google Fonts can be downloaded for free. Fonts on Google Fonts are open source, beautifully designed, and worth using in the way you want.

2. Website DaFont

Visit DaFont HERE

DaFont is a very popular website that allows you to download Fonts for free.

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Most fonts in the page DaFont Only for personal use, but there are many fonts that come with a commercial license. This site features a classification system, which allows you to find a collection of fonts based on different topics such as horror-themed fonts, video game fonts, valentine-themed fonts. ..

In addition, this website also offers many unicode fonts that are suitable for you to type Vietnamese without fear of font errors. It is worth using, isn’t it!

3. Website Font Squirrel

Access Font Squirrel HERE

The web Font Squirrel is a trusted source for downloading beautiful, free high quality Fonts.

top websites for download free fonts 4

This website most fonts come with copyright licenses. To avoid the hassle, the site makes it easier for users to check the license for each font before you download it. Font Squirrel There is also a handy set of tools, including: Webfont Creator to create fonts for your web and an interesting font identifier, to help you detect and find fonts based on images.

4. Website FontSpace

Visit FontSpace HERE

The web FontSpace There are collections with over 38,000 free fonts shared by designers around the world.

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You can use FontSpace to find lots of free fonts to use for your personal or non-personal projects. To use this web, simply hovering over a font while browsing is enough to find the license for the font before downloading it.

You can also register on the site, create your own favorite font collection or you can contact the designer to exchange, share …

5. Website

Visit HERE

The last website that I would recommend is Surely you remember Webdings? This is Microsoft’s odd font in Windows, instead of providing characters, it gives a bunch of images. The purpose of this is to allow you to use these icons in documents or web pages.

top website for download free fonts of cuc dep 6

Font Awesome It’s the same thing, but it’s actually a lot better. This website has hundreds of icons provided here, as well as instructions for their use on the site.

These weird, strange symbols you probably have seen but you probably won’t notice. If you are working on a website and want to use these icons, Font Awesome is worth choosing and using.

Above is the sharing post Top websites for downloading beautiful Fonts for free It is worth your reference and choice. If you find other fonts download website more interesting and more unique, please leave a message or comment for us to continue discussion!
In addition, you can also refer to a lot of beautiful fonts shared on offline, 12 Zodiac signs, beautiful leaves will also be a great choice with lots of extremely beautiful fonts. Eye for your design, refer to the article synthesis 12 zodiac font, beautiful flowers and leaves on of you guys.


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