Top website offers free stock photos

Top website offers free stock photos

Free stock photo websites are a valuable treasure for anyone who regularly works with high quality images. If you are still struggling to find yourself a source of quality images for work, the Top website offers free Stock images below will be the answer for you.

Owning beautiful, quality and high-resolution Stock images is the desire of many photographers, designers or involved. Normally, it will cost you to download these images. Some online photo sources that provide free stock photos make you worry about copyright issues.

Top website offers free stock photos

So, which website has provided Stock photos for free? If you have this same interest, please refer to Top Free stock photo websites which Taimienphi will introduce in the following article.

Introducing Top 5 websites that provide stock photos for free

1. Unsplash

Unsplash is one of the websites specializing in providing Stock images with more than 1 million images in high resolution and diversity on many different topics. Users can access Unsplash’s website and download images here without losing any cost.

top website also offers free stock images 2

If you sign up to receive news from Unsplash, this website will select and send you very beautiful and attractive Stock photos every day. All images on Unsplash are licensed by Creative Commons CC0, you are free to download and freely use even in commercial activities.

Besides downloading the Stock image on the home page, you can also download Unsplash on mobile devices.

For iOS version: Download Unsplash for iPhone

2. Pexels

Pexels page was launched in 2015 with the aim of providing users with high quality images for work. Till now, Free stock photo websites This has owned more than 40,000 beautiful and quality photos. Each picture on Pexels is marked and classified according to each specific topic, users will not spend much time searching or selecting.

top website also offers free stock images 3

In addition to providing free images, Pexels now provides users with quality videos and, of course, no charge to use.

For Android version: Pexels for Android

For iOS version: Pexels for iPhone

3. Pixabay

Not merely one Free stock photo websites, Pixabay also provides users with designs, vectors or even videos. Just type the keyword into the search box at the top of the page, the system will return results for you in seconds. The website provides users with a detailed filter according to four factors: time, file type, direction and category to help you quickly find satisfactory results.

top website also offers free stock images 4

Currently Pixabay has interface in Vietnamese, good support for users who are not fluent in English. To date, Pixabay has about 1.7 million high-quality photos and videos and is completely free.

For Android version: Pixabay for Android

For iOS version: Pixabay for iPhone

4. Picjumbo

Do you spend a lot of time searching for quality images for a specific topic? Sometimes the images you find are of poor quality or require copyright to use. If these are the problems you often encounter, we have a solution for you. Please visit the Picjumbo website.

top website also offers free stock images 5

Picjumbo owns a huge stock of photos, clear and free for users for personal or commercial use. Despite having to constantly work with high quality images and large capacity, Picjumbo website still works smoothly and has extremely fast loading speed, which makes users feel comfortable. Picjumbo divides images into themes and marks them on popular photos for easy selection.

5. Flickr

Flickr is a social network of thumbnail images, allowing users to post, share and comment on photos and videos. This website has been developed since 2014, so far Flickr is still the address Free stock photo websites that many people trust.

top website with free stock images 6

Flickr has a huge treasure of over 6 billion photos and videos, and more than 3.5 million new pictures are uploaded every day here. Currently Flickr has also launched an application that works on phones, interested readers can download it in the link below.

For Android version: Flickr for Android

For iOS version: Flickr for iPhone
So Taimienphi has just introduced to you Top 5 Free stock photo websites, quality, can be used freely without having to worry about copyright issues. Hopefully, you will exploit and use these sources to better serve your personal and business purposes. Besides, you can refer to the information about the The website allows users to sell stock photos to make money Here if you want to earn extra income for yourself.


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