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If you want to find a quality image to advertise your product / service, design, … or simply to make an avatar for Facebook, then you will definitely go to Google to search. However, the photos suggested by Google may cause you to be dissatisfied with the small size, unusable because of copyrighted images, .. don’t worry! Today, will suggest you the top website that allows downloading free stock images.

Synthesis stock photo website for free

Table of Contents:
1. Pexels.
2. Pixaby.
3. Burst.shopify.
4. Unsplash.
5. Canva.

1. Pexels

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Pexels is a free stock photo website with a larger collection of images than other sources and has an advanced search function. All images are posted on the site under the COO (Creative Common) license so they are free and you can use them for commercial or commercial purposes. However, you need to be careful when searching and you should not click on images with sponsored links.

2. Pixaby

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Many of the images you see on Pexels are likely to be included on Pixaby and all images released on Pexels are also subject to the COO license. This means that you can buy images for free and edit the images you want.

3. Burst.shopify

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Although there are not as many photos as Pixaby or Pexels, the images on Burst.shopify are highly appreciated for their quality. This site has images related to high-end web design and product images. However, Burst.shopify is still adding new stock images. It is known that Shopify has purchased Oberlo so you will not be surprised to see many services added to this free stock photo website.

4. Unsplash

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Unsplash has a collection of high-resolution images gathered from a community of famous photographers. All images on this site are free and users may use them for commercial or personal use. While not required, Unsplash encourages users to note the photographer’s name that created the photo and attach links to their personal accounts when you use or share photos with everyone.

5. Canva

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Canva is Website provides free stock photos that many people like. While there are not as many stock images as other websites, Canva has a good point is that the presentation and design resources are more. If on Canva you can’t find a picture you like, you can upload Stock photos from the web and upload it to Canva. Above, you can edit images in a simple and free way with some operations such as inserting text, creating infographics, …
With the top 5 websites that allow downloading free stock images shared in the above article, hopes this will be a reference source for readers when looking for hot, quality stock images. Experience now to make a useful choice for yourself!


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