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Today, having a CV is not enough. In addition to concise and concise information, a CV must be eye-catching, or in other words, beautiful and high quality, to be able to impress employers.

Gone are the days when you just need to open Microsoft Word and compose a CV, with the help of top Website to create CV online Beautiful and quality below, you will really stand out among the hundreds of other candidates. In particular, you do not need to pay for these services and still have Create CV online Professional and at your disposal.

Synthesis beautiful and quality online CV writing website


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If you are still wondering whether to find a beautiful, eye-catching, attractive online CV job creation site, is the top suggestion for you. Possessing a diverse portfolio of CV samples, rich styles and colors, job seekers can freely choose according to the needs of each position. Each industry will have available CV templates that are professionally designed from a team of experienced engineers, knowledgeable about what employers need and pay attention to the candidate’s resume, from which lifetime of appropriate CV, meet the requirements.

Users only need to access the site: then select Create CV right at the home page, the system will display a series of beautiful CV templates for you to choose. The outstanding advantage of the website’s CV creation feature is that each item will have detailed, specific instructions on how to fill in your experience, skills, career goals, education, etc. edit and then download the CV for easy application process. In particular, the website allows you to create a CV online for free, so candidates do not have to pay anything but still have an impressive CV to send to the employer quickly.


Top websites that create beautiful websites and chat 2 is a place where many professional CV templates are compiled and an endless resource for many users. The CV templates provided by this website are based on the actual requirements that employers want to find in their candidates. is confident to confirm this by consulting thousands of employees in the process of developing the service.

In fact, the site is designed based on data from another recruiting website –; Therefore, all information is accurate and very reliable. And when completing a CV, it will be shared with millions of other employers who have registered with the platform.

– Access the website HERE

3. ResumUP

Top websites that create beautiful websites and chat 3

To make a difference, ResumUP takes a more intuitive approach than any other online CV creation website. It allows you to create a highly interactive CV to show off your skills and experience. And, you can also enter existing data to create a CV in a short time. also has many different CV templates, you can choose the traditional or modern style that is eye-catching.

This website even allows you to create special CVs to read on your computer and send to employers of information technology, called ATS or JSON.

– Access the website HERE

4. CakeResume

True to its name, CakeResume will make writing CV job easier than ever. This software uses a simple drag and drop interface, which helps you present the parts on your CV to express yourself honestly.

CakeResume’s CV creator offers beautiful and professional designs; And you can download it anytime during the process of creating, sharing online, or sending whenever you feel satisfied.

The app is basically free with a single CV limit. You can use the premium paid version to unmark CakeResume and create unlimited CV numbers.

– Access the website HERE


Top websites that create beautiful websites and chat 4’s free CV generator was developed with the purpose of helping users create a complete and professional CV in just 4 steps: fill personal information, work experience, qualifications, and finally Additional information you want to write in the CV.

Users can create CVs from desktops, tablets, or mobile devices and can save processes or finish work at any step. Once completed, you can download your CV in Word and start applying.

– Access the website HERE

6. Novoresume

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How to improve the chances of matriculation? Novoresume will help you answer this question. It will provide you with online CV templates, which help automatically optimize the content contained in your CV. All CV templates on this platform have been approved by employers and are adapted to suit different jobs.

Novoresume has features such as content optimization, editing suggestions, template suggestions that are used by many users, and helps you avoid unnecessary errors in the CV during creation.

– Access the website HERE

7. ResumeHelp

Top websites that create beautiful websites and chat 6

If you are not good at writing, writing CV is definitely a big challenge. This is where ResumeHelp develops its capabilities; It saves you time by making suggestions available. For example, you can choose directly from the platform an option that demonstrates that you have the ability to connect with the community and find new partners. It is also one of the few websites that create CVs available on mobile devices.

– Access the website HERE

8. CVmaker

Top websites that create beautiful websites and chat 7

With a wide range of templates available, CVmaker users have a lot of options to create beautiful, quality, and completely free CV in just a few minutes. CVmaker may not have as many options as other websites, but it still provides all the information needed in a CV. With a simple interface, users can easily fill in the designated items.

– Access the website HERE
You can export your CV in various formats such as PDF, HTML, and TXT to later upload to other recruitment platforms. In addition, you can upgrade to a more advanced version of this application to enjoy features like a text editor or insert some custom items.


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