Top website to create beautiful online video marketing

Top website to create beautiful online video marketing

With video, marketing experts can tell impressive stories about brands, explain products, show how the services you offer solve user problems. In a world where digital marketing is growing today, most businesses are finding ways to keep up with video content trends to attract a larger audience.

Video recording and production are becoming ever cheaper with high quality platforms. Here are 6 websites to create beautiful online video marketing that can help improve your marketing strategy.

Top website to create beautiful online video marketing

Websites that create online video marketing:
1. Filmora.
2. Powtoon.
3. WeVideo.
4. Wideo.
5. VideoScribe.
6. Vidyard.

1. Filmora

Top website I created online video marketing is gorgeous

In addition to a rich music library, overlays, filters, text, along with a powerful set of photos and video options, Filmora’s power lies in its ability to edit. Filmora guides in detail the basic video editing process including rotation, mixing, cutting, splitting, along with audio adjustment, more than 300 special effects.

In addition, Filmora also has analytical and built-in features to monitor video performance, supporting advanced editing such as audio mixers, blue screens, pan, zoom and screen recording.

+ Price: The annual packages range from 39.99 – 99.99 USD or from 59.99 – 139.99 USD.
– Access Filmora web here.

2. Powtoon

Top of the website, I created an awesome online video marketing video 2

Powtoon supports creating animated or professional videos to showcase products, services, manuals, etc. The platform provides an easy to use interface that guides users through the entire process. With just a few clicks, your online marketing video has been exported directly to Youtube.

Powtoon has a number of ready-made templates, with lots of videos, characters, and wallpapers from which to create high quality videos. Some of the platform’s renowned customers are Starbucks, MasterCard, Google and Apple.

+ Price: Packages range from 16- 197 USD / month.
– Access Powtoon Web here.

3. WeVideo

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The online video marketing platform WeVideo supports creating compelling videos through a range of advanced editing features. WeVideo has more than 1 million free licensed quality music, videos and photos available.

WeVideo’s video customization allows users to control the entire final product including text, transitions, motion effects, blue screens, logos, call-to-action, etc. Using JumpStart technology, WeVideo allows you to share your product almost instantly.

Another strength of WeVideo is that it supports users to collaborate with other team members to create and edit videos together. Some of WeVideo’s famous customers include Disney, Marvel, Adidas, Audi.

+ Price: Packages range from $ 4.99- $ 29.99 / month.
– Access WeVideo Web here.

4. Wideo

Top website I created online video marketing is gorgeous 4

Wideo allows users to create entirely new videos or use existing templates. With Wideo, you can use custom profiles such as adding logos, graphics, music and images. The platform also has a simple drag and drop function, allowing samples and create professional videos in about 5 minutes, suitable for inexperienced people.

Once completed, you can share your online video marketing directly on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The real strength of Wideo focuses on creating professional animated videos to promote products or services.

+ Price: Packages range from 19- 199 USD / month.
– Access Wideo Web here.

5. VideoScribe

Top of the website, I created online marketing videos, beautiful, sparkling 5

If you are not familiar with video recording, VideoScrible can help you quickly get acquainted and start telling video stories with an interesting, multi-sensory experience.

Video recording is the term to describe the person who plays the role of recording the content of introducing online marketing videos while combining video recording, sound technology, animation, etc.

VideoScribe users can create whiteboard-style animated videos by choosing from thousands of royalty-free images and music, adding text, selecting frames and adding voices if desired. The software has all the options and combines them into a unique storyline with extremely attractive animations.

Some famous customers of VideoScribe such as: BBC, World Bank Group.

+ Price: One-time packages ranging from 8- 35 USD / month, in addition to group packages from 145 – 155 USD / group.
– Access VideoScribe Web here.

6. Vidyard

Top website I created online video marketing beautifully shimmering 6

This unique software not only personalizes online video marketing, but also allows storing and analyzing performance with accurate data and data. Vidyard focuses on evaluating viewers’ attention span, click behavior, location, sharing information and data on how to increase return on video performance.

In addition, Vidyard provides an email gateway at the top of each video to collect email addresses, add calls to action and combine personal viewer data (such as name or company) into videos, and integrate with Salesforce.

Some famous customers of Vidyard include Hubspot, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Marketo.

+ Price: About 80 USD / year with basic features.
– Access Vidyard Web here.
Above, has introduced to you the Top website creating shimmering online video marketing. Hope the article has provided you with useful information. Also, if you have any questions or need answers like What is Video Marketing , readers can leave your comments in the comment section below the article.


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