Top Whois best domain name lookup tool

Top Whois best domain name lookup tool

Among domain name lookup tools, Whois is probably the most popular. It stores a lot of information related to individuals, groups, businesses that register domain names. However, the online domain name lookup on Whois will be quite time consuming so the Whois lookup software will probably be a smarter solution. Readers please refer to the suggestions of offline!

Summary of best Whois domain lookup tools:
1. WhoisCL.
2. WHOIS Tools.
3. WHOIS Utility.
4. Win32Whois.
5. Bulk Whois Finder.
6. Pzwenger WhoIs.

The best Whois domain lookup tools

1. WhoisCL

WhoisCL is a free online Whois domain lookup tool. This command line tool is very light, convenient and a great alternative when you want to search for domain names online. It helps you gather accurate data regarding administrators and subscribers and a lot of other tech-related details.

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WhoisCL is an online tool, so you will save a lot of your time because you won’t have to download or install anything. All you need to do is access WhoisCL, enter the domain name and press the Enter key. It will show you all the details related to the site such as information regarding the registration domain ID, the registrar’s URL, name, email id, phone number, location-related details. , ….

– Download WhoisCL here.

2. WHOIS Tools

WHOIS Tools is a free, compact Whois domain lookup tool that helps you find the full details of a website. It is especially useful for those who want to find WHOIS-related information and DNS for a specific domain name or IP address. You can also extract contact details of the domain owner.

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WHOIS Tools has an easy-to-see interface with minimal configuration options. Although there is no support manual, you can adjust the specialized specifications easily. This will save your time.

All you need to do is add a domain name or IP address to the main control panel and you will have the option to receive detailed information about WHOIS and DNS. The software displays IP address, network name, owner and many other details such as network name, address, postal code, etc. You can also transfer this information to the clipboard.

– Download WHOIS Tools here.

3. WHOIS Utility

If you are looking for a lightweight and useful software that is free, then WHOIS Utility is exactly what you need. It helps you discover IP addresses, domain names and registration related details of any website quickly. Moreover, it also helps you identify the owner of the domain name. SOCKS 4, SOCKS 5 and HTTPS are proxies supported by WHOIS Utility.

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The tool is widely used to search the database as a query and response protocol, it also has a command line interpreter of your machine and an easy-to-use interface.

– Download WHOIS Utility here.

4. Win32Whois

Win32Whois is a great free Whois domain lookup tool. It will show details like domain name, domain owner, registration information, IP address, etc. In addition, it also displays other details such as domain expiration date, address, IP block, contact information and DNS server, etc.

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Some of the nice features of Win32Whois are resume download, transcoding support, HTTP and FTP verification, username / password input options, options for downloading when there is no file size, etc.

– Download Win32Whois here.

5. Bulk Whois Finder

Bulk Whois Finder shows you the registration details, expiry date, recent update time, company name and many domain related details. It has MS Office ribbon interface so users can access all features easily.

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The main window of the software is separated into a ribbon, list of categories and the main view of the data collected. When the domain scan is complete, the Bulk Whois Finder will display the details in tabular format. You can even export the collected data to various formats and use it with other programs. You can save reports in major formats like TXT, DOC, PDF, etc.

– Download Bulk Whois Finder here.

6. Pzwenger WhoIs

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This free software connects to the Whois server to collect all the necessary details related to the domain name. It is user friendly and has a lot of tools. You do not need to set up a complex setup, just enter the domain name or IP address into the search field and the website will display the results with details such as domain name, server information, registration data, location. location, address, company or subscriber id, contact details of the subscriber, …. You can copy this information into the text editor.
– Download Pzwenger WhoIs here.


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