Traders push the price of DDR5 RAM to a terrible high, 4 16GB RAM sticks cost $ 5,000

Often at this point, users will consider buying DDR5 RAM and which motherboard to build a machine using a new Intel Alder Lake-S chip. However, the price and scarcity of goods make users have no opportunity to choose, forced to buy from any brand that is still available.

As reported by page 12chip, the supply of PMICs (power control ICs) on DDR5 RAM is severely scarce. Previously, MSI also admitted that the first batch of DDR5 RAM will be much more expensive than DDR4. This comes from the very high cost of components.

This situation is a sadness for consumers but an opportunity for the crooks.

Right now, the dealer has started listing DDR5 RAM kits on eBay at very high prices. A merchant is selling a set of 4 16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR5-5200 RAM sticks that are being sold for up to $ 5,000. While others sell 32GB DDR5 RAM kits for between $1,200 and $2,500.

This is a very high price compared to the original price of the company. For example, on the Corsair homepage, the 32GB RAM pair costs only $ 339.99 but is out of stock. Meanwhile, a 15GB DDR5 ram set of Oloy normally costs only $159.99, but is being sold by dealers for $800 or more on eBay.

Despite the crazy prices, eBay data shows that people still spend money to buy these RAM sets. eBay’s Terapeak tool shows that in the past week 15 sets of DDR5 RAM were sold for between $1,099 and $2,500. According to Terapeak, the average selling price of DDR5 RAM on eBay is more than $550, an extremely high price.

Hopefully in the future the chip crisis will be resolved so that the price of computer components will gradually stabilize.


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