Traffic safety answers for tomorrow’s smiles for teachers 2021-2022

Answers to tomorrow’s Smile Traffic Safety Contest for Teachers 2021-2022 with full answers to the multiple-choice test for teachers to document for their test. The contest is held in an online form from January 3 to January 21, 2022, for schools, teachers and students in the middle and high schools. After January 21, 2022, the online exam system will close and will not accept entries from schools. Below are all answers to tomorrow’s Smile Traffic Safety Contest for teachers for their reference.

1. Traffic safety answers for tomorrow’s smiles for middle school teachers

Question 1. According to the Law on Road Traffic, motor vehicle drivers must carry the following documents when participating in traffic?

D. Vehicle registration, Driving license suitable for the type of vehicle being driven, Certificate of technical safety and environmental protection for motor vehicles as prescribed, Certificate of civil liability insurance motor vehicle owner’s license is still valid.

Question 2. On a narrow road, only one car can move and there is a place to avoid cars, one car
4-seat car and a bus traveling in opposite directions. Which car in this case?
have to get into the avoidance position and give way to the other vehicle?

A. The vehicle is close to the avoidance position.

Question 3. When driving a car at night and encountering a vehicle going in the opposite direction, the driver should
Which of the following must be done to ensure safety?

A. Switching from high beam to low beam; Do not look directly at the traffic lights
in the opposite direction, but look to the right in the direction of your vehicle’s movement.

Question 4. Please choose the best option to ensure safety when operating a motorcycle or vehicle
mount the machine uphill.

C. Return gear according to the speed you can go up depending on the height of the slope, avoid shifting gears in the middle of the slope, when approaching the top of the slope, reduce the throttle and let go of the top of the slope.

Question 5. Drivers of vehicles when stopping or parking on the street must obey
which of the following regulations?

B. Vehicles can only be stopped and parked at places where they are allowed and the nearest wheel must not be more than 0.25 meters away from the curb or sidewalk and not obstruct or dangerous to traffic.

Question 6. When driving a vehicle on the road and observing the following car, please
overtaking, which of the following actions must be taken by the driver to ensure safety?

A. Slow down, stay close to the right of the roadway until the following vehicle has passed, and do not obstruct the vehicle requesting to pass.

Question 7. Please choose the best option about the rule of safe turning of the car.

B. Observe signs to know where to turn; carefully observe the terrain where the vehicle is turning; select the appropriate turning method; forward and backward turning to the front of the vehicle must be slow; signal regularly, it is best to have someone to signal.

Question 8: Mr. K is driving a motorbike on National Highway 1A, coming to the double road starting into Vinh city, Mr. K sees a sign saying “Starting a densely populated area”. In this case, Mr. K is only allowed to drive the car at what maximum speed?

D. 60 km/h.

Question 9. On the highway, which sign below should the driver pay attention to change direction?
when about to enter the dangerous curve?

B. Seas 1 and 3.

Question 10. Which of the following signs signifies “Turn off the road with a lane for passenger cars”?

Traffic Safety Contest for Teachers

D. Sea 2 and 3.

2. Traffic safety answers for tomorrow’s smiles for high school teachers

Question 1. Cars participating in traffic outside densely populated areas on two-way roads; What is the maximum speed of a one-way street with one lane of motorized traffic?

C. 80

Question 2: When driving a vehicle on a slippery road, which of the following ways must the driver choose to go to ensure safety?

A. Hold the steering wheel firmly and let the car move at a slow speed, keep the gas evenly, don’t take the wheel a lot and don’t brake suddenly.

Question 3. When driving a vehicle in an urban area and a densely populated area from 10:00 p.m. the previous day to 5:00 a.m. the next day, the vehicle operator must give the following signals to request a pass?

C. Signal by light signal.

Question 4: Please choose the best option below about the rules of joining the lane when driving cars and motorbikes.

A. Observe safety around, turn on the signal lights to let other vehicles know and only let the vehicle join the lane when it is safe.

Question 5. Which of the following options is suitable for avoiding vehicles going in the opposite direction?

A. Where the road is narrow enough for only one vehicle to run and there is a place to avoid the vehicle, the vehicle that is closer to the avoidance must enter the avoidance position and give way to the other vehicle; Vehicles going downhill must give way to vehicles going uphill; Vehicles with obstacles ahead must give way to vehicles without obstacles ahead.

Question 6: Which of the following overtaking maneuvers is not safe?

C. Pass the vehicle to the right if the vehicle in front does not give way.

Question 7: Which of the following is the correct way to arrange the order of priority roads?

B. Expressways – National highways – Urban roads – Provincial roads – District roads – Commune roads – Specialized roads.

Question 8: Mr. A drives a car on a national highway that is not divided into separate lanes. Observing the safety ahead and having enough conditions to pass, Mr. A signaled to ask for overtaking. However, Mr. B driving the car in front did not give way. Realizing that there was no obstacle on the right, Mr. A steered the car towards the right side of the road and passed. In this situation, which of the following statements is true?

C. Both Mr. A and Mr. B violate the Road Traffic Law.

Question 9: Which of the following signs signals a two-way street?

Answers to the traffic safety test for teachers

B. Sea 2

Question 10. On the highway, which sign below does the driver follow to avoid obstacles?

Traffic safety test for teachers

C. Sea 3


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