Transferring capacity of drive D to drive C does not lose data

Usually if we transfer drive D volume to drive C will cause data loss. So how to keep the data and still change the storage capacity. Please refer to the following article.

Drive C is the drive that stores the system data, so we are often very close when “touching” the drive. Because just a small impact on the system alone is enough to make you have to reinstall Win already. So how do you transfer capacity from drive D to drive C without fear of data loss? Follow us to learn how.

Transferring capacity of drive D to drive C does not lose data

Step 1: Download and install Acronis Disk Director
Step 2: Click on drive D and select Resize volume.

After the new window appears, drag your mouse from right to left to reduce the drive capacity ..

Transfer content to data without data

Step 3: Click on drive C to select resize volume

convert content from c to o d

Drag to the right all the way similar to the picture.

transfer capacity from d to o c, convert capacity o d to c with no data, data at c and d

Now you will see drive C is receiving quite a significant amount of space.

Click the button Commit pending operations to complete.

Those are all steps to help you transfer drive D capacity to drive C without worrying about data loss. Indeed this method is very simple because you can perform directly on Windows rather than through the DOS screen. However, if you want to use advanced functions such as copy, split volume, Acronis Disk Director will require you to buy a license.
In addition, you can partition the hard drive with PartitionMagic nor data loss during migration introduced in the previous article of


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