TRIMMEAN function in Excel

TRIMMEAN function in Excel

The following article introduces you to TRIMMEAN function in Excel is one of the functions in the group of statistical functions that are very popular in MS Excel.

Jaw TRIMMEAN is a calculation function that returns the average of the inner part of a dataset in Excel or in other words TRIMMEAN is the average of a portion in a dataset.

TRIMMEAN function in Excel

How to use the TRIMMEAN function in Excel?

1. Description and syntax used

This is the average function that returns the interior of the data set. The function calculates by removing any percentage of the value in the first or last boundary of a dataset.


TRIMMEAN (array, percent)


Array: The array or range of data to trim and average, which is the required parameter.

Percent: The percentage of data points to be removed from the calculation, which is a required parameter.


– If Percent or Percent> 1 -> function returns error value #NUM!

– Function TRIMMEAN rounds the number of excluded data points to the nearest multiple of 2.

2. Examples of specific situations

Suppose you need to calculate the inner mean of a data set described in the following data table:

trimmean ham in excel 2

Step 1: In the cell to calculate -> you enter the formula: = TRIMMEAN (C3: I3, C4)

trimmean ham in excel 3

Step 2: Press Enter ->, the mean inside value of the dataset is:

trimmean ham in excel 4

If the data to be removed is greater than 1 or less than 0 ->, the function returns an error value #NUM!

trimmean ham in excel 5

The above are instructions along a specific example when you use TRIMMEAN function in Excel. This is a function that calculates by removing any percentage of the value in the first or last boundary of a dataset. Wishing you success working with this formula in Excel.
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