Troops with R-arc in AOE Empire

AOE Empire is a strategy game that was born a long time ago, is a favorite strategy game of many people, today, will introduce you to the types of troops with R supply in the empire game. AOE.

In the AOE empire game, there are 16 countries corresponding to 16 types of troops in the empire, there are 8 types of troops with the supply R. To win against the opponent you need to understand how to play the empire as well as the R type bow. Once you understand all the pieces, you can apply them to each match and win.

Troops with R-arc in AOE Empire

Troops with R-arc in AOE Empire

For those who love this subject but do not have a game in the device: Download AOE

First of all, in order to play R bow you need to understand some of the following principles:

Must determine the R horse needs There are wood and meat (real), like consuming 40 meat and 70 wood. Grasp this, you arrange the people so that reasonable. You need to pay attention to logging forest and pay attention to the upgrade of timber cutting in BM houses. To shock (please) get 4 BA, you must have 2 BS and over 25 people, 5 BA house must have 3 BS and over 27 people ….

– About 6-7 people make timber for normal types of army
– Should build BS in pine forest (old forest) if any.
– Upgraded logging immediately after the second life.

R-play or competitions:
– Solo R: Assyrian, Shang
– 2-2, 3-3, 4-4 pure practice
– Mixed code: Shang

Troops with R arc in AOE empire

1. Hittite

Hittie is one of the strongest troops in the Empire, especially the Dame Palace R of Hittie is defaulted + 1 dame from the beginning, creating a huge advantage right from the 3rd generation. Especially the horse combo C with Hittle stone crane (life 4) is a nightmare for any player who confronts right.

But the kind of dress is very easy in Aoe 2


* Hittle’s R arc is dealt + 1 dame from the beginning, with the blood tip

* Up to life 4 with fire and wood blocking, wood cutting

* Crane with double blood kick

* Magic hut


* There are no flares

* Life 2 no rock

2. Egyptian

Referring to the R supply of the Egyptian army, gamers will immediately think of the type of army available lots of blood than the other pieces. Egyptian is one of the super soldiers in the AOE empire, has a very special power in the confrontation with the type of R bow as well as the R guillotine. In life 4, the power of the double horse is really terrible and fear of the opponent.

but there are also types of cover 3

– Advantages:

* Egyptian R arc also gains + 33% health compared to other R palace bows
* Long range +2 with life 3 and +3 with life 4, with fire and fire
* With a double pedal


* There is no guillotine and horse

3. Assyrian

As one of the military recruited with life 3 Bow R shoots 40% faster compared to other types of R arc. With such an advantage, just gathering 1 troop is enough to win

But there are some things in the Aoe 4


* Assyrian movement speed is 25% faster than that of other troops

* Bow R with Horse shoots 40% faster

* Up to 4 life with shot blocking


* No blood, no fire

4. Phoenecian

Fast cutting of wood is Phoenecian’s advantage, not an army like Assyrian or Egyptian or Hittle but not like that we underestimate this type of army. With the advantage of fast wood cutting, Phoenecian develops very well, and in the long run it is a very strong army. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the number of people making timber in the most reasonable way.

but there are also types of cover 5


* There are R and camel bows

* There are felling of wood 2 and 3, with blood

* Life 4 has fire and shot blocking

* People can log 3 times

* 4th Generation elephants are 25% cheaper than other elephants


* Quan all weak

5. Shang:

Solo R solo is one of the AOE empire races. Shang is a rebel army there Farmers are very cheap 35 meat compared to 50 other soldiers. Cam Shang helps players not slow people, super early life and stability. In development advantage, Shang has many advantages and the diversity of troops. Most people often play BS to eat wood first for healthier.

but there are also types of cover 6


* Bloody and chopping of wood 3

* Farmers cheap, easy to life, with blood


* There were no intercept and fire

* The army is weak, the farmer is slow

6. Palmyran

There is also R but rarely players choose Palmyran to beat R bow. Palmyran people have a very high speed of fruit, making elephant meat fast. So in the AOE empire, Pal slash is always approved in the ranks, and also R to shoot with small bo.

but there are also types of cover 7


* R arc is weak, has a head of blood, fire and a block

* People work fast, especially fruit + 25%

* Camel running speed + 25%

* People + 1 armor and wheel

* Pumps do not charge tax


* Without cutting wood 3

* People are expensive

* Weak horse and cannon

7. Sumerian

The Sumerians have one The amount of blood is quite high (40 blood compared to 25 blood of other soldiers) so dragging elephants or meeting lions never gets tired, including the opponent’s horse. When upgrading to life upgrade wheels and supply R.

but there are also types of cover 8


* Has a head of blood, shot blocking and fire

* Summerian people have more buffalo blood than other people (get + 60% health)

* Has a double farm productivity


* Without cutting wood 3

* No elephants and ballista

8. Babylonia

It is a weak R-arc but it is used in random matches, then gamers often use camels to slash the blood at the beginning and then transfer the R arc.

But the kind of clothes are very clear in 9


* Has a head of blood, shoot and block wood 3

* There is mixed code

* The hut has double health compared to other pieces

* Stone digging + 30%


*No elephants, no ballista
So now you know the strengths and weaknesses of each type of military has R arc right. Now you can choose the right tactics for yourself when holding such troops and winning opponents easily. With Garena updating to a new version, many people will have difficulty playing garena on the new version, immediately refer to the article on how to Play empire on the new Garena on offline.


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