Troubleshooting crashes whenever Shutdown

Troubleshooting crashes whenever Shutdown

Computer often hangs for a long time in Shutdown mode without refusing to turn off, and the words “Windows is Shuttings Down”, you are often impatient and unplug, which is a bad influence on operating system of the computer. will guide you to fix this problem.

Trouble “Windows is Sutting Down” is one of many incidents that many people suffer. Many people who do not have the patience to wait often unplug the computer to shut down, this can help you quickly shutdown but vice versa will seriously affect the entire computer system.

Cause and treatment

Method 1: Install Diver for network card.

Reason: Windows notifies the network card command to disconnect before turning off the computer’s operation. If the driver of the network card works well, the shutdown process will be very fast and vice versa.

Handling: You can search the network card that the computer is using on the Internet and install it on your computer. Or install DriverEasy to find the software itself and download the latest version of the Network Card Driver.

Method 2: Remove the hardware

Reason: Due to a new device attached to the computer (such as a newly purchased hard drive device that is seriously infected by the Virus).

Handling: Disable the operation of this device in Device Manager by pressing the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Then use DriverEasy to update the Driver with the latest hardware versions.

Attention: Before doing this job, disconnect all connections of external devices such as USB, portable hard drive …

Method 3: Uninstall the software

Reason: Because the computer is infected with a Virus and there is software to control UPS. These two problems arise at the same time, causing both the shutdown process and the computer blocking process to shut down.

Handling: Handling by 1 of the following 3 methods.

first. Open Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del), turn off some operations of applications that automatically start with Windows. Disable the services in Tab Processes, select processes ->End Process

Fix the error when the computer shutdown

2. In addition, you should also remove the programs and services available in the Tab Startup, Services of the MSConfig.

Open MSConfig by clicking Start menu (on the left of the screen) -> type the keyword MSConfig in Search Programs and Files -> Open MSConfig in Programs.

Choose one of the 2 cards respectively Startup and Services -> Enable all


3. Disable anti-virus software installed on your computer and these are programs that can cause crashes.

Then restart the computer, if that is the cause then your computer will Shutdown as usual.

Method 4:Reset the virtual memory (Paging File) of the computer.

Reason: Windows may delete the virtual memory each time it shuts down. So the thing to do here is to disable that job.


Click Start Menu -> Run -> gpedit.msc —> OK

Window Local Group Policy Editor appears, navigate to the item Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Local Policies> Security Options

Navigate to Shutdown, in section Shutdown: Clear virtual memory pagefile Make sure that you are in Disable mode.

Do one of the 4 ways above, your computer will return to normal, Shutdown time will not be extended as long as before.


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