Turn off Bluestacks running in the background on PC and Laptop

If you do not turn off BlueStacks running in the background, it means that you are wasting a large amount of computer resources because Bluestack is one of the software that “consumes” the most hardware today, let Taimienphi.vn find and turn off Bluestack when they are running in the background.

Bluestack is the most used android emulation software currently, in the previous article we showed you how speed up BlueStacks help your computer work smoother, but that’s when you use it, and when you don’t use it. We recommend that you disable Bluestack when it is running in the background.

Instructions to turn off Bluestack running in the background on PC and Laptop

There are two simple ways to turn off the background mode not only for Bluestack in particular, but for all applications in Windows.

Method 1: Find and turn off via Tast Manager

First of all, we will introduce to you the most common method today that is processing the process through a feature supported by Microsoft that is Start Tast Manager. A multitasking management application in Windows.

Step 1: To activate “Start Task Manager”, move the mouse pointer down to the “Taskbar” tab and select the right-click menu.

Step 2: Next, select the “Processes” tab, where Windows will list all the active software.

safe bluestack

Step 3: In this window, it’s easy for you to find BlueStack active processes.

Install the bluestack to run on PC

Step 4: Select “End Process” to complete the application shutdown.

tat bluestack vegetarian

Method 2: Use the 3rd software

Also, in many cases Windows cannot be paused directly by the above operation. Another method is to use third-party software called “PC Hunter”. A very famous and extremely powerful application in the Anti Rootkit community.

– Download PCHunter Anti-Rootkit here: Download PCHunter

Step 1: First, start up “PC Hunter” immediately.

Install the bluestack on the laptop

Step 2: In the “Process” window, you can hold down the “Ctrl” key to select multiple processes. Finally right-click to open the function menu and select “Force Kill” to remove BuleStack.

tat bluestack vegetarian

The above two methods temporarily remove only active Bulestack. When you restart the system, the software will continue to operate again, because you have not turned off the startup mode with Windows, refer to the instructions. Turn off Bluestacks and start it on Windows Taimienphi.vn done before.

With 4 million laptops for office workers, students, or a little more advanced such as Acer ES1-531-P913, Asus E403SA-WX0004T, Lenovo IdeaPad 100-15IBY / N3540, Dell Ins N3443 … Do not install and use Bluestack because this software is quite heavy when running very RAM, the machine will be slow and frozen. So users can turn off Bluestack running in the background on their PC and Laptop in 2 different ways. I wish you successful implementation!


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