Turn off, disable the autorun function of the drive

Turn off, disable the autorun function of the drive

The automatic running of the drives in a computer system is a situation that is difficult to control when using a computer even if you are a computer professional. Within the limit of articles, Taimienphi.vn will guide you how to turn off the autorun function of the drive.

The drive function automatically runs on the computer if left for long will affect the operation of the computer later because automatically it will spread many viruses that are dangerous to the system.

Instructions on how to turn off the autorun function of the drive

Step 1: How to open manually from the beginning

When you open a new drive or any folder, you usually double-click to open it, but doing so usually will make the drive will generate many Autorun files that will take a long time to form a virus, so every time you open the drive or forder you should choose to open with Explorer To minimize the situation arising when opening.

Step 2 How to turn off Autorun completely

– You come in Run from the button Start of Windows

– In that frame you type gpedit.msc -> OK, got it

When on the board Group Policy Then you enter the following link Local Computer Policy -> Computer Configuration -> Administrator Templates -> Select System.

In the frame System on the right you drag down and select Turn off Autoplay click Right mouse click Proprertiles.

In the Tab Seting This first you choose to enter Enabled -> down cell Turn off Autoplayon you choose All drives -> select continue Disabled to accept to turn off all the running mode automatically. And you click Apply -> Ok, got it to apply to be changed. Close the window Group Policy.

Above are the steps that you can apply to turn off the automatic function of the Autorun activity file running on the drive. Help you to minimize the amount of Virus on the drive.


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