Turn off startup programs

Turn off startup programs

Shutting down Windows startup program is a way to help your computer to Win faster, having too many software to start at the same time with Windows will cause the computer to handle many processes at the same time, leading to the time to log on. The operating system expands, wasting your time.

To turn off startup programs as well as to avoid annoying when you start the computer that the unused applications also start up. If you are having trouble not knowing how to resolve this situation, you can follow the steps that we guide you shortly. Important programs will be shut down when you start windows

How to turn off programs that start with windows

Step 1: First, go to Start and open the window Run or use keyboard shortcuts Windows + R. You type the command msconfig as shown

Step 2: A dialog box displays the tab you choose Startup

How to uninstall the Windows application

Step 3:Here you will uncheck the application boxes that you do not want to run when you start windows.

how to remove the program from windows startup

Step 4: After unchecking the programs that you do not want to start with Windows, you choose OK, got it

All applications must be restored to Windows

This article Taimienphi.vn has instructed you on how to disable program startup and windows. Now unimportant applications or programs will no longer bother you when you start your computer.

On the contrary, if you want to restart other programs when you turn on the computer, you can refer to the article Run the program with windows

On Mac also supports the ability to turn off the startup program with Mac if you feel the process of accessing the system slower, the steps to turn off the startup program with Mac has been guided in detail. Good luck!



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