Turn off the computer without software

Turn off the computer without software

There are many ways to help you schedule a computer shutdown without the need to use a tool or a third party software. Windows itself has equipped a lot of features to make it possible for all computers without software. And if you do not know these methods, the instructions below will help you schedule a computer-free shutdown.

There are many ways to help you schedule a shutdown, including a shutdown timer without software or even with software. Not using software will help you be more proactive if there is no automatic shutdown software, but using automatic shutdown software will help you to adjust more settings, easier.

Now turn off your computer without software

But whether it is the timer to turn off the computer without software or using the software, this article will also guide you to read the most complete and detailed way to depending on the case to use so that most convenient and reasonable.

Schedule a computer to shut down using Task Scheduler
Task Scheduler is a tool you can schedule a software, a program or a piece of code on your Windows. The reason for Task Scheduler is not well known because it is a little more complicated. However, to schedule a shutdown with Task Scheduler is quite simple and you can consider this as a basic lesson if you want to explore the game Task Scheduler.
Step 1: To activate Task Scheduler On your computer, first you just need to open StartMenu Then type Task Scheduler and click on the result shown.
computer hours
Step 2: On the Task Scheduler interface, users only need to pay attention on the right hand side to see there is a row of functions of this tool. Click on it Create basic Task to create a new timer session.
computer hours
Step 3: Name this new task and describe it to identify what the task is for.
computer hours
Step 4: In the next step, Task Scheduler will ask if you want this Task to work, every day, week, month or once or more options.
computer hours
Step 5: The next step we choose the time to start the task, as in this article is the time to turn off the computer. Taimienphi.vn options 7:30 pm.
computer hours
Step 6: The Task Scheduler will ask you how you want to operate this new Task, so that it works for sure we have to choose Start a program.
computer hours
Step 7: At the Start a Program, you only need to enter the following parameters exactly:
Program / script: shutdown.
Add arguments (optional): / s / f.
Start in (optional): Empty.
computer hours
Step 8: Finally, confirm all the information that is most accurate before finishing the process of creating a new Task to turn off the computer.
computer hours
Now that we have finished turning off the computer with Task Scheduler, you can check the Tasks running in Task Scheduler and see if it has actually run or not.
computer hours

Instruction to turn off the computer and laptop

1. How to schedule a computer shutdown without software

Step 1: Press Windows + R to enter Run in Windows system -> and then press Enter.

Step 2 After the table appears Command Prompt then

You type in that command: shutdown -s -t 600 -c “Download after 600 or more”

Shutdown: general shortcut command
-S : Acting action (turn off -s = shutdown here)
-t : The time command in Dos calculates the time
600 : After how many seconds the test will shutdown. Here after 600 seconds, or 10 minutes will automatically shutdown.
-c : is the comment section for notice board. (can be omitted without paragraph -c ”..”).

End of command impression Enter.

Step 3: The system will issue a specific notification about this automatic shutdown.

Step 4: If you do not want to turn off the computer, or fix the shutdown time, you can cancel the automatic shutdown on Run command shutdown -a -> Press Enter.

Step 5: The system will notify you of this cancellation.

What time is it?

The above is an automatic shutdown timer that you can apply, without any software to consume machine resources but still very effective. In addition, using the timer command will make you more proactive in timer on any computer.

2. Create Shortcut timer shutdown

Similar to how to turn off the machine using the command shutdown -s -t as above but we will create shortcuts to quickly turn off instead of having to type the command as above especially for those who have trouble remembering the command line as above.

Step 1: You right-click on the Desktop, select New => Shortcut

Step 2: You click on the shortcut you’ve just created, in the Type the location of the item you fill shutdown -s -t 10, Inside ten was number of seconds. You can change this number of seconds to your liking, this is just the first step you fill out. Click next to continue

Step 3: Enter the name for the shortcut you just created and click finish to finish

Step 4: To change the shutdown timer you can right-click the shortcut you just created and select Properties

Step 5: You can change the shutdown time by changing the value “ten” in the section Target, then click Ok, got it To confirm

3. How to schedule a shutdown with Counter Timer

Although using a timer to turn off the computer does not need effective, proactive software, but not everyone can remember the above commands, but you also have to calculate in seconds to change the time you want to schedule. With Counter Timer software will help you all of the above, in addition to a lot of advanced features and the timer displays the number of hours remaining before the shutdown.

-Download Counter Timer here.

Step 1: As soon as Taimienphi.vn Counter Timer finished you just work Double click to schedule the shutdown counted immediately.

computer hours

Counter Timer includes 4 main functions: turning off the computer, restarting the computer, timer logging out of the user account and putting the computer into sleep mode.

Step 2: Because the software displays Vietnamese, you can easily adjust the time you want to schedule the shutdown of the computer, right right is the remaining time in minutes. To schedule a shutdown you must tap activated.

computer hours

Step 3: Upon successful activation, there will be a notification that the system will automatically execute the request after … minutes.

computer hours

Step 4: After activating the shutdown timer, the system will automatically switch the software to hidden mode, you can reactivate the software under the Taskbar.

computer hours

Step 5: And to turn off the timer off the computer with software you just Click exit is done, too simple is not it.

computer hours

There are many other features in the Counter Timer that readers can explore for themselves, but with what Taimienphi.vn introduced, it is enough for you to schedule to turn off your computer and laptop.

Method 4: Using IDM software, turn off the computer after downloading the file

IDM is a popular software used to download files, videos, if you also use this software, you can use the timer to turn off the computer after the download is completed.

Step 1: In the IDM software interface you choose Scheduler

Step 2: In the dialog box that appears, select the 2 items Turn Off computer when done and Force processes to teminate then click Apply to apply

The above are four ways to schedule automatic shutdowns that do not require software and include the use of software as well. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages as well as its own convenience, depending on your usage needs and choosing the right way to turn off the computer suitable for your computer.

In addition to the two ways to turn off the laptop on the other Taimienphi.vn also would like to recommend a way to turn off the computer used by a lot of users there is the shutdown timer with Auto Shutdown, one of the best shutdown timer software. The current. If the 4 options above do not satisfy you then the choice Turn off your computer by Auto Shutdown It’s also not a bad plan.

The Windows 10 shutdown timer is the desire of many computer users when there are tasks that have not yet been completed but cannot sit at the computer to look. If you are not sure how to schedule a shutdown, you can refer to the article sharing tips on how to schedule a shutdown win 10 by many methods on Taimienphi.vn.



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