Turn off UltraViewer and start it with Windows

If every time you open the computer, the Remote Accesser software will also start and will be invisible together, making the computer’s boot process slow down, the best solution is to turn off UltraViewer to start with Windows and tell There are also other applications that are not needed to make the computer boot faster.

Besides Teamview, use and install UltraViewer help you easily manage, which makes remote computers fast and quite efficient. In addition to controlling the computer remotely, you can also chat, share screens, send data files through the software very quickly and conveniently. However, you should only enable this software for use when needed, and should not let them run automatically every time you turn on your computer. Let’s turn off UltraViewer and start it with Windows to boot the computer quickly, help increase the performance of the computer.

Turning off UltraViewer running with Windows makes your computer boot faster

How to Disable UltraViewer starting with Windows

– Download UltraViewer Latest version here.

To turn off UltraViewer running with Windows every time you turn on your computer, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open UltraViewer by Admin rights -> select Settings -> and then select Options

all ultraviewer restart windows 2

Step 2: Display Settings appears -> you select the item Access -> here, you uncheck the box at Run UltraViewer with Windows in Auto startup -> Finally, click OK, got it to complete.

tat ultraviewer restart windows 3

To turn on UltraViewer When booting with Windows, repeat the operation above, then tick again and the item Run UltraViewer with Windows, click OK, got it is done.

So with just two simple steps you have turn off UltraViewer and start it with Windows Success! From now on, every time you turn on your computer, this software will not start and run with Windows anymore.

Similarly, if you use TeamViewer, then turning off, turn on the Windows startup feature of TeamViewer It’s as simple as that. You can enable or disable this feature on the TeamViewer software you are using. Please refer to the details of Taimienphi.vn’s implementation for details.


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