Turn on and off Numlock Windows 10 when booting the computer

Turn on and off Numlock Windows 10 when booting the computer so you do not have to do this task, the computer is finished booting, this is a tip to save you time because Microsoft has been actively hiding on Windows 10 and 8 of you guys

As explained by Microsoft, turning off the Numlock key is aimed at saving more power when using the machine, but it seems that this answer is not very satisfactory so please automatically turn on Numlock on the computer to use, you will No need to worry about wasting power from a tiny led light that redeems your frustration. But before going into the instructions on how to automatically turn on Numlock when booting the computer, Taimienphi.vn please note that you should back up the Registry before practicing, because you may encounter some errors. Even though the rate is very low, backing up the Registry is always necessary.

Instructions to turn on and off the Windows 10 Numlock key when booting the computer

Method 1: Use the Control Panel

Step 1: Press Windows + X key combination> select Control Panel. Or you can also click Start Menu> type Control Panel and select the search results. There are also many ways to access the Control Panel that you can refer to to the Control Panel as you like.

Step 2: In Control Panel, navigate as follows:

Hardware and Sound >Power Options> Choose what power button does.

Automatically start when lock win 10

Press Power Options to access the system’s battery and power settings page.

start the new numlock when restarting

In this section you choose Change settings that are currently unavailable.

start numlock automatically when you restart windows

Step 3: Scroll down and select the item Turn on fast startup (recommended).

start the digital lock when you start the computer

After rebooting the computer, you have turned on NumLock every time it boots automatically.

Method 2: Use the Registry Editor command

Step 1: Use the key combination Windows + R to open the phone box Run, then enter “regedit”And then press OK, got it or press Enter.

start numlock windows 10

The first step to turn on Numlock Windows 10 automatically

Step 2: Then you access the following link: HKEY_USERS .DEFAULT Control Panel Keyboard

start numlock windows 10

Tweak Register to enable Numlock Windows 10

Step 3: In the right pane find the item InitialKeyboardIndicator Right click and choose Modifi.. or double-click on the value.

start numlock windows 10

Edit the parameters to disable and enable Numlock Windows 10

Step 4: Edit Value data to 0 to disable the feature Numlock on startup. Then choose OK, got it.

start numlock windows 10

Set the parameter to 0 to disable Numlock Windows 10

Step 5: If you want to turn on Numlock Windows 10, redo the steps and edit the value of Value data into 2, Then, restart the computer and Numlock automatically turn on the job when booting the computer on windows 10 automatically finished.

start numlock windows 10

Set the parameter to 2 to enable Numlock Windows 10

Note: Changing the value to 0 or 2 is not feasible. Please try changing to 80000000, 80000001 or 80000002. Retry the values ​​so that numlock can be automatically enabled when booting the computer on Windows 10.

Thus, just 4 simple steps Taimienphi.vn helped you turn on Numlock when booting Windows 10 computer by editing the settings of Registry Editor. Knowing one more good trick like turning on Numlock on a Windows 10 laptop will help you want to learn and discover more about Windows 10, and for those who have not updated to Windows 10, what are you waiting without updating Windows 10 right away? Come on, let’s experience this latest operating system. In addition, you can also speed up the boot of Windows 10 also by editing the settings of Registry Editor by referring to the article about how to speed up Windows 10.


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