Turn on / off IDM CC on Firefox, Google Chrome

IDM CC is a utility developed and supported for Internet Download Manager (IDM) software. With this application you can manage and download files, Videos, … from the internet to your computer easily on Firefox, Google Chrome. The following article will guide you how to turn on / off IDM CC on Firefox, Google Chrome.

With IDM CC utility, surely many users still do not understand its meaning and usage. To better understand IDM CC and its purpose, please see the article below.

What is IDM CC?

IDM CC is an extension built into Firefox and Google Chrome that supports Internet Download Manager (IDM) software when downloading files and videos from the Internet to your computer.


IDM CC helps you catch the correct download link and fix the error that does not display the IDM download dialog box on Firefox, Google Chrome. For example, if you want to download Video on Youtube or other sharing sites but IDM fails and can’t get the link for you to download, then you need the support of IDM CC utility built into the browser for you use.

Instructions on / off IDM CC on Firefox, Google Chrome

To use IDM CC you need to install this add-on on Firefox, Google Chrome.

Download IDM CC for Firefox here
Download IDM CC for Chrome here

Turn on / off IDM CC in Firefox

– After installing the IDM CC utility on Firefox, restart the browser. To enter Tools ->Add-ons

– Go to section Extensions, you see IDM CC has been installed into the Firefox browser and is on for you to use.

– To turn off IDM CC click on Disable, to complete click Restart now Restart the browser. If you want to turn on the utility to use click Enable is to be.

Turn on / off IDM CC on Google Chrome

– After installing IDM CC utility (another name is IDM Integration Module) on Google Chrome browser, the extension is immediately added to the Add-ons section on Chrome. You click on the icon in the upper right of Chrome -> Tools ->Extensions to enter the browser extension management section.

– Then IDM Integration Module has been installed and is enabled for you to use.

– To turn off IDM Integration Module Click on the check mark next to the word Enable, will immediately switch to off.

Above we have shown you how to enable / disable IDM CC utility on Firefox, Google Chrome. Using this utility, you will solve the error of not displaying the IDM download dialog box in Firefox, Google Chrome and help fix the error that IDM does not automatically start music and video links in Firefox / Chrome.


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