Turn your computer screen into a GIF

Turning a computer screen into a GIF is not too difficult if you follow the content of Taimienphi.vn below, and you will find there are many free applications that help you quickly record what is happening on the screen. computer images and turn them into GIFs, animations.

To Create GIF images you can use the existing videos, then use a converter to turn those videos into desired GIF images, or you can use a software that just helps to record the computer screen and then manipulate it. Additional steps and you will get a GIF like that. So specific will do how convert computer screen into GIF?

Use online or offline software to record the screen and then convert it to a GIF image

How to turn a computer screen into a GIF image

To quickly turn everything on the screen into GIF images, use 1 of the 5 software introduced below:

1. Screen GIF

– Get the app Screen GIF here: Download Screen GIF

Screen GIF is an application that is quite small and lightweight but no less powerful, allowing users to create GIFs right on the screen itself by recording operations on the desktop.

change screen gif 2

Screen GIF when using it is also very easy to use, and the operations to perform recording and then create GIF images are quite easy for the user.

To create animations recorded on the computer screen, read the instructions for details Create animations with Screen GIF here.

2. GifCam

– Get the app GifCam here: Download GifCam

GifCam is a screen capture application that captures images of activities on a computer screen and saves them as an animated GIF file.

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GifCam help users easily create animated GIF is simple and equally interesting. This tool works like a camera located above all windows so users can move and customize the size of the application to record images of the desired area.

For you to order Create animations from Videos with GifCam quickly, review the instructions of Taimienphi.vn to know how to create.

3. GIPHY Capture

– Get the app GIPHY Capture for MAC here: Download GIPHY Capture

With GIPHY Capture Perhaps this is quite a popular application to help you quickly create GIF images on Mac. This application is available on the Mac App Store for users to easily download and use, or you can download from the download link of Taimienphi.vn above.

change screen gif gif 4

Using this application is also quite simple and easy, helping you convert everything that is happening on the screen into GIF images very quickly. Using this software, simply press the button Start to start and press Stop to complete.

Note that GIPHY Capture can record GIF images for up to 30 seconds, and can upload them seamlessly to Facebook, Twitter or Facebook Messenger. You can also send them via email or text to family, friends and colleagues quite easily.

With each recorded GIF file, you can use a variety of tools to edit this image on your own, without the hassle of copyright.

If you want to experience and have dreamlike GIFs, download and use this app now!

4. Movavi Screen Recorder

– Get the app Movavi Screen Recorder here: Download Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder is an application that works like a professional GIF recorder! Using this app is one of the best ways for you to create a GIF, then share it with other users or you can even keep it for your own personal use.

switch screen gif 5

Use Movavi Screen Recorder You can easily manipulate to be able to record video and quickly create a desired GIF image on the web (webinar), live streaming videos, even movies.

To use, users just need to press the Start button to start recording video, then convert the recorded video clip into GIF images from the screen very quickly. The final step is to save your product in SuperSpeed ​​mode.

5. Makeagif

– Refer to the way Create animations with Makeagif here

With this fifth way, you can use the online application Makeagif to quickly create a desired GIF image.

switch to gif gif 6

This online application currently supports quite a lot of functions to create different gif images from photos, videos, YouTube videos, webcams or from an existing gif. With Makeagif You can edit the parameters of time, sound and subtitles in the image if there is very easy with very simple operations. For more advanced users when using the paid version, you also get a lot of other advanced, useful and very interesting editing features.

Basically, besides the paid version, if you want to use Free, this online application is also worth your choice and use, helping to quickly get beautiful GIF images.

So the job convert computer screen into GIF image, you have 5 tools to help you record and convert everything that happens on the screen into GIFs! In order to get good GIF images, the recording and video recording is quite important, so if the quality of video images is not good, then your GIF images will naturally be affected. Therefore, you should pay attention to the selection screen recording software quality so you always have the best video product for your product is your GIF.


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