Typing 10 fingers, practice typing fast with 10 fingers

Proficiency in typing with 10 fingers is a great advantage for those who often have to work with computers, especially office workers. Typing the keyboard with 10 fingers will help speed up text completion as well as create a more professional working style.

Technical typing with 10 fingers Has been shared a lot on the internet through time to bring the best skills to users. For those who work hard, typing fluently with 10 fingers is easy.

People often think that typing with a 10-finger keyboard is difficult to learn and practice. However, through the article below you will find that learning to type with 10 fingers is not as difficult as you think.

10-finger typing, basic skills for newbies

How to put your hands on the keyboard

– Left hand: little finger (A), ring finger (S key), middle finger (D), index finger (F).

– Right hand: little finger (key:), ring finger (L), middle finger (K key), index finger (J).

Two thumbs placed at key Space. And the task of these two fingers is just to take turns hitting this key only.

lucky 10

Mission of the finger

Left hand

– Index finger: R, F, V, 4, T, G, B, 5.

– Middle finger: E, D, C, 3.

– Ring finger: W, S, X, 2.

– Pinkie: key Q, A, Z, 1, ` and function keys such as Tab, Caps lock, Shift.

– Thumb: Space.

Right hand

– Index finger: H, Y, N, 6, 7, U, J, M.

– Middle finger: 8, I, K,

– Ring finger: 9, O, L,>.

– Pinkie: 0, P,:,?, “, [, ], -, +, , Enter, Backspace

– Thumb: Space.

10 delicious techniques

First you need to memorize the hand placement on the keyboard. You can practice by typing and returning to the original hand position. And practice how to tap the other finger without being moved. And note that you should use Telex typing method to make Vietnamese typing speed faster than VNI type.

You can learn to type by reading a poem, any essay and typing back at your computer at a very slow speed to keep the accuracy of your fingers, and to remember the keys. Then you gradually increase the volume of exercises and typing speed is okay.

Also, you can use the Top 10-finger typing software The easiest and most effective method has been introduced by Taimienphi.vn to practice simple to complex exercises, ensuring that after a period of practice, your 10-finger typing skill will be improved.


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