Typing in Google Docs

Typing in Google Docs

Typing in Google Docs helps you do simple formulas and algorithms on this editing software. This procedure is not much different from that done in Word, please follow the instructions below.

Google Docs can be considered a reduced version of Microsoft Word. Although Google does not bring many great features like in Word 2007, for example, Google Docs excels by its ability to work online, store data online very safely. The tips on Google Docs are largely similar to Word, so users can get used to this tool easily.

On the Microsoft Word editing tool, you can easily edit text and insert exponents very quickly. Those who regularly use Word certainly know how to insert exponents in Word. When using Google Docs, many users wonder why there is no exponential symbol like in Word. If you do not know how to use caret in Google Docs, please refer to the following article.

Typing in Google Docs:

1. Create a manual exponent.

Step 1: Click on the exponent you want to create. Example 96 then highlight the number 6. Then click Format.

Step 2: Select Superscript. Has x symbol2.

how to go to google docs

So you’ve created the exponent in Google Docs.

how to go to google docs

2. Create with keyboard shortcuts.

Step 1: Black out the exponent.

how to go to google docs

Step 2: Use Ctrl + key combination. to create exponents quickly.

how to go to google docs

Taimienphi.vn has just taught you two ways to create exponents in Google Docs. To get the most out of Google’s drafting tool, you should memorize Google Docs keyboard shortcuts for easier use. Among these shortcuts is the shortcut to create the exponent that Taimienphi.vn has just introduced.

Typing on Google Docs or typing a caret in Word is quite similar, if you already know how to type a caret in Word, then the implementation in Google Docs is similar.


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