Unable to change Wifi iGate password, cause and fix

Unable to change Wifi iGate password, cause and fix

IGate Wifi Modem is provided by VNPT for customers who use their internet service. However, there are quite a few people who have problems changing the Wifi password that is corrupt and cannot be used when using this modem. Therefore, in this article, Taimienphi.vn will provide some information when it is impossible to change the iGate Wifi password, the cause, how to fix it so that you can quickly use your network.

For internet users, you will definitely need a wifi transmitter to use on mobile devices. But Wifi is widely available so anyone in range can connect. In order to limit the number of users and prevent the spread of malicious information via Wifi, many internet users often choose to change the WiFi password, however, there are some users using iGate’s modem / router. VNPT network operator has trouble changing the Wifi password. So, let’s learn Taimienphi.vn find out why iGate Wifi password cannot be changed, the cause, how to fix it.

Unable to change Wifi iGate password, cause and fix

1. Access the wrong IP address of the modem / router

To be able to change Wifi iGate password as well as other modems / routers, you will need to access the correct IP address settings, but there are some cases when users do not know the IP address of the device to post. enter, which leads to the case that iGate wifi password cannot be changed.

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In case you use a browser and cannot go to the correct IP address of the device, you can view the address of the setup page, configure the modem / router by specifying Default Gateway address and use this address to access the browser.

cannot connect to wifi igate nguyen nhan cach 3

If you still cannot access and log into the iGate wifi modem / router setup page according to the above-mentioned license, you can contact VNPT call center to get support from the network technician.

2. Wrong admin account information, modem / router configuration

Any modem / router device requires an admin account to log in and configure the device. However, sometimes users forget their admin account due to failing to identify the device’s default admin account or having changed it without remembering the password. If you can’t remember the password you changed, you will have to reset the modem to the login password using the Reset button on the back of the device. However, you will have to reset the entire network configured in the modem / router after the reset.

3. There are many devices working at the same time

Another common iGate wifi password change error is that there are many on your computer that have many network connections with many different network devices, which leads to the incorrect access to the router / modem that you need to configure. towel. The best way to set up and configure the exact device you need is to disconnect all other network devices, connect only to the device you need, and then access the correct IP address of the device. that.

Cannot connect to WiFi igate nguyen nhan sua 4

In this article, Taimienphi.vn helped you to solve when falling into the case of unable to change the iGate Wifi password, the cause and how to fix it. If you have tried the above mentioned methods and still have related problems, please leave a comment below so that Taimienphi.vn can find ways to fix it for you.


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