Unicode 14.0 Launches With 37 Cool New Emojis

The end of the year is usually the time when new emoji packs are released, which come with many different themes and meanings. After months of delay, Unicode 14.0 is finally released, with a bunch of cool new emojis, expected to appear on popular software platforms by the end of 2021, or at the latest. early 2022.

As mentioned, Unicode 14.0 brings a total of 37 new emojis (this goes up to 112 with different skin color variations).

It’s hard to pick one emoji that stands out the most, as there are some really excellent options out there. However, leaving the most impressions is probably the troll emoji and the low battery, because they can be used in many ways, in many different contexts and situations. In addition, there are also a few new icons that are also quite “cool”, not to mention such as lotus flower, slide, car tire, disco ball, pea, bubble, “sexy” lip biting, gesture “” heart” in different skin tones… All new and versatile to make your chats more interesting and colorful.

It would also be a major omission if a version of Unicode was released without the face symbols. Unicode 14.0 also comes with a series of face symbols that express different emotions. There’s a melting face, a troll face, a greeting face, a cross-mouthed face, and a face trying to hold back tears. They can all be used to refer to a variety of emotions.

Continuing the gendered approach, Unicode 14.0 added emoticons for crowned man, pregnant man, as well as a range of hand gestures with varying skin tones.

It can be said that emoticons are gradually becoming an indispensable component in online conversations on the internet. Therefore, the additional emoticon packs will bring a breath of fresh air, not only making the conversation more lively, but also contributing to the enhancement of the user experience.

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