Uninstall and delete PDF passwords with PDF Password Cracker

When you download a PDF without knowing its password, or you don’t remember the password you created. The PDF Password Cracker Enterprise program will help you remove that password easily.

Have you used the PDF Password Cracker software to remove Pass PDF files? Follow the article below to know how to delete the password of the PDF file offline.

How to remove a PDF password with PDF Password Cracker

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The interface of the program is quite simple, to remove the password, follow these steps:

Step 1: First on the program interface click the button Load To open the PDF file, you need to remove the password.

In Type Of Attack You can choose Brute-force or Dictionary or Key search.

If you choose Brutr-force: The most common option, where the program will combine possible characters, however, this option will take a long time for large and complex passwords.

If you choose Dictionary: At this option, the program will combine the files from the dictionary, until the correct password is selected, stop.

Key search: At this option, the program will match the keywords until the correct password is stopped.

* At Brute-force Range Options: Select capital letters, lowercase letters, numeric characters or special characters, spaces … Enter the length of the character, beginning and ending with the characters ….

After selecting the password search forms you click Start for the program to conduct a password recovery search.

Remove password with PDF Password Cracker

Step 2: The program will ask you to save the file to remove the password in any folder? You choose the directory, name the file and then select Save to save the file.

Note: The process takes place quickly or slowly depending on the complexity of the password.

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