Uninstalling Qvo6 from Firefox, Chrome, IE

Qvo6 is a virus that infects computers according to the applications you download on the Internet, it takes control of the Web browsers on your computer, changing the default search engines on it. So how to remove Qvo6 from computer and browser?

Qvo6 enters your computer when you download and install software from the internet to your computer. Qvo6 is really annoying for you when surfing the web on browsers. The following article will guide you how to remove Qvo6 on computers and on Firefox, Google Chrome and IE.

How to remove Qvo6 from Firefox, Chrome, IE

Remove Qvo6 from the computer system

Step 1: From the button Start you choose Control Panel

Step 2: Here you choose Uninstall a program

Step 3: Find to Qvo6 then Click Uninstall / Change to remove them

After making sure, type it all out Qvo6 From your computer, you will remove them from your browsers.

With Firefox browser

Step 1: Open Firefox browser, at the search engine, click Manage Search Engines

Step 2: You clicked Qvo6 then Click Remove, then press OK, got it to remove

With Google Chrome browser

Step 1: Open Google Chrome browser then Click Customize and Control choose Settings

Step 2: At the card On startup you Click Set pages

Step 4: You delete Qvo6 by clicking on the sign X

Step 5: At the card Appearance you check in Show Home button then Click Change

Step 6: Here you check Use the New Tab page then click OK, got it to save changes

Step 7: You move down the card Search then click Manage search engines …

Step 8: Next, you choose Google as Chrome’s default search engine

Step 9: You remove Qvo6 from the list

With IE browser

Step 1: Open IE, from MenuTools You choose Manage Add-ons

Step 2: You choose the card Search Providers, then Click Live Search then Click Set as default

Step 3: Click Qvo6 then press Remove to delete them, then close the window

Step 4: Reset the default page for IE,

From Menu Tools you choose Internet Options Then select the card General then Click Use blank then Click OK, got it to finish

Close all windows and restart the computer and check the results.

With the above article, you can help remove Qvo6 from computers and Firefox, Google Chrome and IE browsers. In addition, you can also use specialized ad removal software to remove ads, making surfing the web more efficient in the browser.


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