Update Clash Of Clans Town Hall 13 appeared with many new features

Clash of Clans has just had a pretty big update to add Town Hall 13, troop, new generals and new units. As confirmed by the Supercell developer, the Update Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 is the largest download in 2019 with some of the top features included.

The famous strategy game Clash of Clans from Supercell developer has just received a pretty big update adding many new features. With copies Update Clash Of Clans Town Hall 13, players will have a new level of defense to conquer, as well as special armies.

New Town Hall level 13 appears under the theme of Dark Elixir Ice. Needless to say, you’ll have to spend a lot of time upgrading it, and this new structure offers a bunch of extra content as well as its protection system. Town Hall 13 is equipped with the Giga Inferno tower, which protects your headquarters with scorching-based attacks. Moreover, if destroyed, it would actually explode with an explosion, damaging everything in its surroundings.

Clash Of Clans Town Hall 13 update also shows some new units appearing in the game. The first of these is the Siege Barracks. After being put on the field, it will push a small army to encircle the outer walls of the opponent. Meanwhile, Scattershot, a defensive system that fires shotgun-like bullets, is an addition to dealing with the Siege Barracks.

Update update clash of clans town hall 13 with lots of new features 2

Update Clash Of Clans Town Hall 13 also provides a new Troop, Yeti – who goes around and breaks the castle defense walls. Not only does this unit have normal attacks, but on the back there is also a bag containing the Yetimites, smaller units can jump straight through the walls to invade the opponent’s base.

Update update clash of clans town hall 13 with lots of new features 3

And last but not least, we have the Royal Champion, the first addition to the Clash of Clans champion lineup since 2015. She uses a spear and shield as a weapon, she can jump over walls and steer your powerful spear at the selected target, throw shields into 4 defenses defenses and will deal damage to break them.

Update update clash of clans town hall 13 with new features 4

If you’ve never tried Clash of Clans before, or are a veteran who has quit the game wanting to return to the battlefield? You can download and install Clash Of Clans on Google Play and App Store system now.
– Link to download Android version: Clash Of Clans for Android
– Download link for iOS version: Clash Of Clans for iPhone



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