[Update] How to delete, remove bacdau.vn from Firefox, Chrome

[Update] How to delete, remove bacdau.vn from Firefox, Chrome

Bacdau.vn or hijack the home page of the web browser, users want to remove bacdau.vn from these browsers but have difficulty in the steps to follow. With this guide you will easily remove bacdau.vn in the first

You want to find a way to remove bacdau.vn on your browsers because you do not want to see them anymore, is there a thorough way.

I still see many of you have the error of not removing bacdau.vn. I have learned and instructed the simplest way for you below. This way I applied to remove north on windows 8.1 / 8, remove bacdau on windows 7, xp are successful. Please follow it

Method 1: You open My Computer and go to the path C: Users (use name) AppData Roaming webnavi

Example: If I have a user named Taimienphi, the path is: C: Users Taimienphi AppData Roaming webnavi

(This step has a lot of you can not find the directory webnavi anywhere, the solution is to click simultaneously Ctrl + R, then copy this line C: Users Taimienphi AppData Roaming webnavi go to the link, edit Taimienphi into your computer name is okay.)

Then you just need to run the file “unavi“is to remove bacdau.vn from the browser (Figure below).

Next you can delete the folder webnavi

There are some people when you find this folder but cannot delete files in this folder. Now restart your computer, enter in Safe Mod mode, then go back to the above path, then you can delete the entire file in the webnavi directory. See how to access Safe Mod on windows

how to remove bacdau.vn on the new browser

Method 2: If the way 1 that you have not dealt with thoroughly, let’s see how to use SpyHunter software to remove bacdau.vn thoroughly

In fact, I have tried a number of ways and found that to completely remove the bacdau.vn site that no longer annoys you, the SpyHunter software is the way that I have tried and found successful. You can also use this software to remove pages like: laban.vn, Qvo6, hao123, delta search, bacdau.vn, sweet-page.com, snapdo.com ….

Step 1:

Download spyhunter first

Then install the program

Step 2:

After installation, the software’s interface appears SpyHunter. You proceed to scan by Scan Computer Now. The program conducts a scan

using spyhunter de loai bo bacdau.vn

Wait for the scan will take about 3 minutes to complete, the speed will depend on how much your computer uses the program on your computer.

It can be said that SpyHunter eradicate bacdau.vn and laban.vn, Qvo6, hao123, delta search, bacdau.vn, sweet-page.com, snapdo.com …. It is a free software but you can remove it. bacdau.vn thoroughly and not again.

The software is quite simple to use, so you can download and experience its features in the most useful way. Good luck.



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