Update Rules of Survival 11/3, launches White Valentine activity

According to the annual update schedule, Rules Of Survival will close for a few hours to adjust and add some new content for gamers, White Valentine activity will also appear as soon as Update ROS 11/3 completed.

To celebrate the holidays White ValentineWhite Day Worldwide, developers have added a new battle mode for couples or FA players, a lot of funny rewards for players after the updated Rules of Survival 11/3. Let’s take a look at Taimienphi through some new content in the update.

Added new content in Update Rules of Survival 11/3

Time to update Rules of Survival 11/3

– Starting from 05:00 to 08:00 11/3/2020, ROS conduct maintenance to update the new version.
– Attention: The process of updating ROS can take longer than 3 hours compared to the time of the event, no one can log into the game when the maintenance process has not ended. So gamers should not login to avoid errors.

Details of the updated Rules of Survival 11/3

1. New content
– Launch of White Valentine activity
+ New gameplay launch: With Valentine Mode, players can fight with the Couple or Single squad depending on their preferences.
+ Join Valentine, players will receive a lot of generous rewards from the Rules of Survival developers.
– Launching the Giant Roundabout Reward.
– Updated Credential Rewards of Credit system.

2. Fix errors
– Fix bug when flying together a number of operations can lead to invisible characters.
– Fix bug where unable to cancel pairing combat at Japanese server.

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