Update Windows 10, update the new version for Win 10 1909

Updating Windows 10 helps you own the version with the latest additions from the Microsoft publisher, however, in case your device has been turned off updating Windows 10, what to do, in the content below, Taimienphi will guide you through the setup steps to update Windows 10 1909, update to the latest version from Microsoft.

Job Update The higher version will make your operating system more stable, higher processing performance instead of not upgrading, your computer will be more and more delayed and unstable, or face more unworthy error

How to update windows 10, update Windows 10 1909 to the latest version

Like previous operating systems such as Windows 7 or Windows 8, Windows 10 also has versions that need updating, refreshing as well as adding new features to refresh its operating system. The steps below will help you do this update Windows10 the most exactly

Download the installation Windows 10

How to update windows 10, update Windows 10 1909 to the latest version

Step 1: From the Menu Start you choose Settings

Step 2: Click here Update & security

Step 3: Choose Check for updates

After downloading a few settings, restart your computer.

So with the above instructions you can manually upgrade the next version of Windows 10 on your computer already. In case of using Windows 10 and encountering a security notice board every time you install new software on your computer, please refer to how Turn off security alarms Come on, next time you won’t see that notification again.

There are many ways to install Windows 10, users can install with USB, DVD and even upgrade from an older operating system such as from Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

However, the ways Windows 10 will make you spend a lot of time is ghost win 10, this way, you will save a lot of time to handle other jobs.

In case when updating Windows 10 and you encounter error 0x8024a105, you refer to how Fix error 0x8024a105 when updating Windows 10 here.


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