Updating the Google Drive file does not change the link

Updating the Google Drive file does not change the link

Updating Google Drive files without changing the link is a very necessary procedure for users if they want to avoid losing the link of the account link when sharing or sending files to friends.

Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox are services that provide quite large cloud storage for users, users can not only search on Google Drive, they can also transfer data from Google Docs to Google Drive .

For many users who don’t like the web version, they can also download and install Google Drive on computers, Android phones, iPhones easily. If you already have Google Drive installed and are using this service to manage and store a lot of files, then learn the tricks for updating Google Drive files without changing the link in the instructions below.

Updating the Google Drive file does not change the link

Step 1: Access Google Drive web version, right click on any file you want to update without changing the link.

Then click on the item Manage version (Version control)

Step 2: In the version management interface of any file, click the item Upload new version (Upload the new version).

Update Google Drive is not changed

Step 3: Navigate to the folder containing the files you want to update uploaded files to Google Drive. Select the file you clicked Open leave it open.

update file on google drive

Step 4 : After the update file has been uploaded, click on the dot icon below the original upload file.

Update the Google Drive file without changing the path

Step 5: By default, the old file will be automatically deleted by Google Drive after 30 days, but if you want, you have the following three options: Download (Download), Keep forever (Keep forever) and Delete (Delete).

Update google drive file without changing the link

If you want to update your Google Drive file without changing the link permanently, you just have to choose Keep forever (Keep it forever)

Normally, users usually upload files to Google Drive or Dropbox and OneDrive for long-term storage, but there are also many situations such as accidentally deleting data, or uploading files with new updates, if you want to update them. Update Google Drive files does not change the link, users are required to keep the old version, but if you want to retrieve deleted data on Google Drive, users only need to use the function Restore of this service only.

As mentioned above, keeping the old version of the file is guaranteed after you update the Google Drive file without changing the link, above all, you can continue searching Google Drive more accurately and easily. Even if you have renamed the update file because the search feature on Google Drive only supports the latest updated file.

Good luck !


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