Use multiple search engines on the browser at the same time

Use multiple search engines on the browser at the same time

Using multiple search engines on a web browser at the same time will help you maximize the results you want to see. See the following article of to know how to use multiple search tools on Chrome or CocCoc browser at the same time.

To search the Internet, we often use Google online search tool on Chrome or Coc Coc browsers. As for search software, there is also Endnote, which specializes in finding data and directories online. Endnote software also has the function to search PDF files, images in all different languages.

In addition, Google Chrome users can also use the search function to find the data they need. How to use the function Search on Chrome very simple. You only need to enter the information into the URL bar on the browser, then Enter is searchable immediately. However, this way can only assist you to search with a certain search engine. To use multiple search engines on the browser at the same time, please refer to the following article.

Use multiple search engines on the browser at the same time

1. allows you to choose from a wide range of search services. You can use a variety of search features at the same time on tools such as Google, Overture, MSN (now Bing) and Teoma. Some other directory services like, Google Directory, Yahoo Directory …

If you do not want to mark each site individually, you can bookmark All the web to search with a series of tools on the Internet.


The website allows you to select 2 search sites at once from the support list and search for different results side by side. There are 5 tools supported on this site: Google, Yahoo, Ask, Dogpile and AOL.

how to use a lot of search tools on the web at the same time

3. Smart Search on iOS and Android operating systems

Smart Search on iOS: Download here.

Smart Search on Android: Download here.

This is a free application available on two leading operating systems, Android and iOS. This application is great for supporting a wide range of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Google Images, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, eBay, Google Translate and Wikipedia.

guide the use of many search engines on the web at the same time

4. Simul-Search on MAC

Simul-Search: Download here.

This Mac OS application costs $ 1. It allows you to search simultaneously on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Wikipedia tools.

A nice feature of Simul-Search is that it searches in real time. As soon as you type each word, the search results will appear in succession.

Guide to using the web search tools at the same time

5. NooG

NooG is an application used on Windows operating systems. It supports users to use Google, Bing and Wikipedia search engines. In addition, NooG also supports History, storing all your search results so that they can be checked at any time.

The use of multiple instruments found on a single program at the same time
Above are 5 addresses to help you use multiple search engines at once. To search more effectively, especially on Google, the following tips are essential for you. To get the most results, you can refer to search tips on Google to know how to Search the most accurate and standard information.


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