Use MySQL Workbench to download AWS data

Data download usually happens the first time you set up and configure an application with AWS. Suppose you already have the data you want to use on the local network. The upload process sends data from your local network to the cloud service. Of course there are many other reasons you want to make data upload. Regardless of the reason, let’s refer to how to use MySQL Workbench to download AWS data in the following article of

This technique cannot transfer everything from the hard drive or the local network to MySQL on the RDS server. It assumes that you only want to move data. If you want to perform an entire database transfer, like making the initial transition from a local area network to RDS, you have to perform a lot more complicated steps and take a lot more time. Generally this complicated process is only for developers.

Before starting the process, you must prepare a local file to upload RDS configuration, install a copy of MySQL Workbench and connect to the MySQL setup on RDS.

For the steps below assume you already have a copy of the .sql file containing everything needed to recreate your database. In addition, you need to have the necessary rights to access the database on RDS, you can request Admin rights.

Use MySQL Workbench to download AWS data

Step 1: Open MySQL Workbench and connect to RDS. You should see the connection open normally.

Step 2: Choose Server =>Data Import.

The Data Import page will open on the screen.

Step 3: Here, you choose Import from Dump Project Folder and enter a location for the directory.

This directory contains a series of scripts used to recreate the database schema and the objects contained therein.

Step 4: Select the objects you want to enter Select Database Objects to Import.

This feature is only available when you use the project directory.

Step 5: Click here Import to use the MySQL Workbench to download AWS data

For small settings like FirstDatabase, the process takes 1 or 2 seconds.

In the article on just showed you how to use MySQL Workbench to download AWS data. Do you have or have used MySQL Workbench or not, share your opinion with offline.

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