Use the Command Prompt shortcut on Windows 10

Grasping and mastering the Command Prompt shortcut on Windows 10 makes it easier for you to customize the system, and know the changes that appear only in the Command Prompt version for Windows 10 users.

Command Prompt is a command-line interpreter application available in Windows operating systems. In Windows 10, the Command Prompt has made great strides and changes, especially in the Command Prompt shortcut = manipulation of the application. If you know how to capture and use the Command Prompt shortcut, you will not only be able to customize the operating system easily, but also participate in many other tips for Windows 10 updates or hard drive health, for example.

Use the Command Prompt shortcut on Windows 10

Step 1: Open Command Prompt on Windows 10 by pressing Start Menu> type cmd to open Command Prompt.

After opening the Command Prompt command window, right-click in the title bar and select Properties.

the movie tat command prompt on windows 10

Step 2: In the tab Options tick select item Enable Ctrl key shortcuts. Press OK, got it to complete and continue.

win 10 cmd movie

Here is a summary of all the Command Prompt keyboard shortcuts: in Windows 8

+ Ctrl + A: Selects all text in the current line of the cursor. If the current line has nothing, select the entire text in the Command Prompt window.

+ Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert: Copy (copy) the selected text to the memory.

+ Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert: Paste (paste) the text in the memory at the desired location.

+ Shift + Up / Down / Left / Right: Move the cursor around each word in four directions.

+ Ctrl + Shift + Left / Right: Move the cursor one by one.

+ Shift + Home / End: Braces the cursor to the beginning or the end of the line, and selects the entire script executed.

+ Shift + PageUp / PageDown: Move the cursor up or down on the screen, and the text is selected.

+ Ctrl + Up / Down: Up and down one line in command history.

+ Ctrl + PageUp / PageDown: Up and down history of typing commands on page

+ Ctrl + M: Highlight the selected word.

+ Ctrl + F: Open a search window in the Command Prompt.

+ Alt + F4: Close the Command Prompt window.

On Windows 10, a lot of new shortcuts have been launched by Microsoft to help users in manipulating the operating system, Windows 10 shortcuts are basically easy to access and use but not everyone knows how to choose. Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts are really useful for personal needs.
On the Command Prompt, too, users have quite a lot of Command Prompt shortcuts to choose from and change in it, but regardless of the use of the Command Prompt shortcut, users need to know the features of this tool. , for example, how to start the Command Prompt on Windows 7 or Windows 10, or how to check the hard drive with Command Prompt. Hope though applying the way launch Command Prompt Anyway, you will know how to use Command Prompt effectively on Windows 10 and other operating systems versions.


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