Use WinZip on Windows 10

Use WinZip on Windows 10

WinZip software should be no stranger to Windows users with WinRAR, and even on Windows 10, WinZip is still integrated. This is the earliest decompression software that everyone knows. However, WinZip has recently launched a very attractive version that wants to mention in this article.

If asked about WinZip, surely readers will turn all thoughts to WinRAR, the leading file extracting and extracting software. Currently, WinRAR is the most used software on the computer. Basically, the way to open the compressed file on Winzip and Winrar is quite similar. Even if you’re using the mobile version of Winzip, you can extract zip files on Android or iOS.

However, with the latest version of WinZip exclusive on Windows 10 that would like to introduce is called WinZip Universal with more improvements, read more file formats and especially has a lot of exclusive technology support. on Windows 10. And here, will show you how to download and use the new WinZip on Windows 10.

Instructions for downloading and using WinZip on Windows 10

Download Winzip to your computer: Download Winzip

Step 1: Open node Start Menu and type search Store.

Step 2: In Store Click on the search icon, type “win zip” and select the result.

Use Winzip on Windows 10

Step 3: Press Free to download.

How to use winzip on Windows 10

Step 4: After successful download, click to open WinZip Universal, you will see the program has a quite unique interface.

Using winzip with the operating system Windows 10

Step 5: To compress or decompress, click select add files, folder or create one folder new.

Use winzip on Windows 10 operating system

Step 6: There are a variety of options available in the sections, supporting various types of cloud services, to select the file in your computer to choose. Local.

how to, the winzip stage on windows 10

Step 7: Then to export the compressed file, select the menu icon> Save as> Local.

User guide, Winzip stage on Windows 10

Next is to enter the file name and Save again.

Step 8: To decompress, we perform step 5 again Add files then go to the section Unzip to perform decompression.

Use Winzip on Windows 10

How to use winzip on Windows 10

The new Winzip Universal has a lot of new features, support for Windows 10, improved compression and file decompression performance to give users the best experience. For myself, I feel this is a software worth trying, or replacing the familiar WinRAR on the computer.

For new users, installing Winzip is also an important note because if you do not follow the instructions, you will not be able to install and Compress files with WinZip success is
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