Useful tools for COworking

Useful tools for COworking

Coworking space (coworking space) is simply understood as “office space” online. These spaces use technology tools to help you do things like book a meeting room, plan events, connect people, share documents internally, etc. So coworking tools Which is trending, read along with!

Useful tools for COworking

Summary of useful tools for COworking:
1. SuperSaaS.
2. Slack.
4. Zoho.
5. Hubspot.
6. Typeform.

1. SuperSaaS

SuperSaaS is an online reservation and resource planning software that allows users to work together. Online scheduling is a great way to significantly reduce hassle compared to direct requests and manual logs. Instant booking is becoming more and more popular with coworking space. To be able to attract more people to use your space, you must ensure that your coworking space has what they need.

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SuperSaaS is a perfect workspace management solution that allows you to sell members monthly, pay online, send automated reminders and follow up messages, automate marketing, send invoices automatically, … SuperSaaS is a useful, easy-to-use and highly flexible tool that helps you keep track of each appointment, allowing you to manage meeting rooms, office resources and other facilities in the workspace. Your room and also allow you to book group rooms for any event or seminar you conduct at your coworking space.

SuperSaaS has a free unlimited trial package that allows you to test the system including customer service and quick feedback.

– Download the SuperSaaS software here: Download SuperSaaS

2. Slack

Communication is a very important factor contributing to the success of the business and Slack will certainly be a reliable companion in this process. Slack is a useful tool for Coworking that allows you to chat with colleagues, share files, documents, links and create general forums to clarify your questions or create your discussions. with the group. Slack helps all members of the coworking space to connect with each other.

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You can integrate Slack with other useful tools like Zoom for video conferences and SuperSaaS to send automatic reminders for an appointment and other useful programs. With Slack, people can communicate quickly with each other and thereby build good relationships with members and colleagues.

– Download Slack for iPhone
– Download Slack for Android
– Download Slack for Mac


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This is a completely free tool that allows your applications and devices to connect to each other by creating applets. An applet lets you decide which apps you want to connect to, and you can trigger a task that those apps or devices can’t do on their own. A good example is an applet like Zapier or Integromat.

– Download the IFTTT software here: Download IFTTT

4. Zoho

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Zoho is a business tool that integrates more than 40 applications to help you manage all your workspace related tasks from a single location. Zoho endeavors to automatically market and help you with sales, accounting support as well as personnel related issues. Zoho also helps connect your team members to discuss, collaborate on the job and accordingly work will be conducted faster and easier than ever. Zoho helps increase productivity and reduce your workload with powerful features such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, analytics to consider user behavior, phone system. Trusted to manage your calls, ….

– Access Here.

5. Hubspot

Hubspot is a tool focused entirely on gathering and nurturing leads. It can identify issues that prevent you from retaining customers. You can use HubSpot to send emails, automated newsletters, handle your leads and make your business grow faster and expand. HubSpot provides a free CRM with more than a thousand contacts that you can use to store leads, send custom messages to existing customers to get more loyal and classified customers. analyze the behavior of your site visitors.

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HubSpot provides more than 200 integrations so you can easily develop your capabilities and allow your existing systems to communicate with each other. You can schedule a free demo call with HubSpot to learn how HubSpot can help you.

– Download the Hubspot software here: Download Hubspot

6. Typeform

Typeform is an interactive form builder tool that helps you create an interactive experience for your visitors and potential customers. It provides customers with an easily navigable system, shows each user a reminder and helps build customer trust.

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Typeform has an elegant interface and allows you to customize the customer experience. For example, you can customize the customer welcome screen, drill down into analytics, make your form smarter by asking relevant questions, and getting people involved by asking questions. . You can easily embed Typeform into your website and Typeform integrates with Google Sheet and MailChimp. You can also connect other systems with typeform. For example, send an email each time a visitor fills out your lead form and adds their information to Google Sheet.

In addition, you can use typeform to request feedback from existing customers, conduct regular surveys to find out what features your customers are looking for, create invitations for events you organize. Organize at your coworking space, create engaging questions for the events you want to engage with your potential and current customers.

– Download the Typeform software here: Download Typeform
The above are useful tools for COworking, in addition, you can refer to more applications, project management software Professional and effective business is available on


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