Using 10 Finger BreakOut Free Typing Game, practice typing 10 fingers on PC

Using 10 Finger BreakOut Free Typing Game, practice typing 10 fingers on PC

How to use 10 Finger BreakOut Free Typing Game 10-finger typing software on the PC for those who have not typed the keyboard slowly, it takes a long time to complete an editor. The following article, will guide you in detail from A-Z how to use 10 Finger BreakOut to help you can type at least 5 fingers or more.

Software 10 Finger BreakOut Very useful for computer novices. Installing and using 10 Finger BreakOut on your computer helps you improve your typing (by practicing 10-finger typing). If you’ve ever downloaded Typingmaster Pro to practice typing reflexes in all the lessons, this utility supports the practice of typing 10 fingers in the form of a game to bombard the balls, the speed of the game is increased. up by each level, so your typing speed through which is also significantly improved.

How to use 10 Finger BreakOut

Step 1: You Download 10 Finger BreakOut Free Typing Game and program installation (Refer to How to install 10 Finger BreakOut Free Typing Game)

Step 2: 10 Finger BreakOut is opened including the main components, located in the right column of the screen.

Start : Start button to start the game.
Stop: Game stop button.
Top 10: 10 highest scores you have achieved.
Level: Levels, there are 3 main levels Beginner (Begin), Intermediate (Medium), Advanced (Advanced).
Keyboard skin: Keyboard interface, default is type Standard (Standard).
Sound: Sound is played (you can turn this function on or off).

Use 10 finger breakout

Step 3: Utility in the form of a bombarding game of interesting balls, each sphere corresponds to a letter. Corresponding to each level, the speed of appearance of the letter also appears faster.

Right click Start and choose the appropriate level, a message box displays, showing you how to play the game, press the key SPACE to start the game.

10 finger breakout free typing game

The game takes place, you have to type the keyboard corresponding to the corresponding character that appears on the screen, type the character on the left to left, the character on the right to right and the middle character to destroy the blocks. bridge in the middle.

During the game, the result of the game will be displayed in the right column of the screen.

High Score: The highest score you must achieve if you want to go through a level.
Score: The score you are achieving.
– The bottom crown symbolizes each level, the higher the level the more crowns.

Step 4: Click Stop to stop the game, and a dialog box will appear to enter your name, your name will be displayed in Top 10 if the score is high.

Click OK, got it To display the score in Top 10, click OK, got it to close the window.

The game is very simple but because it will be advanced in each level, requires your reflexes to be very quick to break all the spheres. In addition, you can also learn more of the very good 10-finger typing software that Taimienphi has introduced.


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