Using Clean Master, clean the system on computers and laptops

Using Clean Master, cleaning the system on your computer, laptop will be an effective method if your computer appears to be sluggish due to using for a long time. If you already know how to use Clean Master version on Android devices, Taimienphi will guide you how to use Clean Master on PC in this article.

How to use Clean Master on your computer is similar to the one-touch Clean Master acceleration on Android. In the Android operating system, users only need to touch to use the feature One-touch acceleration Clean Master help free up large amounts of excess space. And how to use Clean Master on Android is a mouse click to clean junk files, clear the web cache … help free up computer space.

HInstructions for using Clean Master, cleaning the system

Download and install Clean Master: Download Clean Master

Step 1: When opening Clean Master, this software will immediately clean the computer and display information such as:

System Cache: Excessive cache files on the computer

Web cache: Excess memory on the browser

As well as show computer memory capacity your

Step 2: User can select Clean Now to immediately delete junk files, redundant light computer help.

Use the clean master

Step 3: Process Cleaning will happen quickly, the excess files will be deleted from the computer by Clean Master.

Use the clean master

Once completed, the amount of data you delete on your computer will appear.

Use the clean master

Step 4: If you do not want to scan a particular software, please Click on the software icon there.

Use the clean master

Choose Ignore to hide that software from the cleaning list.

Or press Clean Up to scan the software separately.

Use the clean master

Step 5: When you want to continue to thoroughly clean junk files on your computer, press Scan Again.

Use the clean master

Above is the details of how to use Clean Master to clean the system, delete junk files on your computer.

Another software with equally effective features as Clean Master is CCleaner. You should install Clean Master in parallel and download CCleaner on your computer to thoroughly clean junk files. Not only that, CCleaner also has many attractive features such as uninstalling software, turning off startup software with Windows … and many other features that Clean Master does not.
As mentioned, the ability to turn off applications that start automatically with Windows with CCleaner is quite interesting. With this feature, the software you turn off will not run in the background when opening the computer, helping the computer to boot faster, reducing lag, RAM consumption when using. Can see the feature turn off applications that start with Windows CCleaner’s very useful to users. You should download CCleaner to your computer to use more features.


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