Using SSD, how to use SSD hard drive effectively

After a period of landing, the price of SSD was much cheaper than before. That is also why more and more people are using this type of drive. In the article below, we will show you how to optimize SSD during use.

If using a laptop, besides RAM and CPU upgrades, professional users also pay more attention to SSDs. Because the machine runs fast or slow depends very much on the speed of the SSD instead of RAM or CPU as many people think. For example, if you run the same task on an i5 and i7 CPU, it may be the same, but the same task will run on an SSD and HDD. Refer to the SSD optimization experience during use for more details.

Using SSD, how to use SSD hard drive effectively

Turn off System Protection

System Protection is the automatic backup and sync function of Windows. However, not everyone wants to use the above feature. To disable System Protection, go to the Start menu to search for the keyword “System Propterties,” then switch to the System Protection tab and disable the similar feature shown below.

Turn off Optimize Drives

Optimize Drives is a disk defragmentation feature, a software that has long been integrated in Windows. The only thing that it is suitable for HDD is not much meaning to SSD. Therefore, you should disable this function to save resources for the system.

Overcome: Go to the Start menu and search for the keyword “Optimize Drives.” After opening you Turn off Scheduled optimization function.

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Change the Temp folder of IDM (Applies only to both SSD and HDD)

IDM is one of the indispensable download support software of Windows. Normally when downloading a file, IDM will save the file into the TEMP folder on the system and then copy it back to where you saved the file. Therefore, you should move the Temp folder of IDM to the HDD to minimize the work for the SSD.

Overcome: From the main interface of IDM you enter Options> Save to> Browse, and then set the Temp folder to HDD

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Change the cache folder for the browser

Folder cache helps your computer save a lot of time when surfing the web, watching movies, or listening to music online. For example, loading a movie with a cache on the HDD takes 30 seconds, on an SSD it takes 1 minute. But not necessarily you need to download so fast, because we can completely watch and download. Therefore you can sacrifice speed to reduce the load on SSD.

Solution to overcome: Friend needmove the cache folder to Chrome browser, Firefox, Opera, IE

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Disable Hibernate mode

Hibernate is hibernation for Windows computers. It basically helps the computer to fall into sleep mode similar to Sleep mode, but Hibernate will sleep longer because it writes RAM memory to the hard drive. For SSD users, you should only use Sleep or shutdown completely, because the boot time of the SSD only takes about 10 seconds.

Overcome: Right-click on the battery icon and select Power Option. Next choose Change plan settings> change advance power settings Then set as below.
So has just introduced to you how to optimize SSD during use. Currently the price of SSD is quite cheap, so you should equip yourself in case you do not have. In addition we also introducethese mistake of damaging an SSD. If you are interested, please drop by for reference.


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