Using Zing MP3 to listen, download high quality music

Using Zing MP3 to listen, download high quality music

Zing Mp3 application is the leading media for listening and downloading music, used by many users, to help you use Zing Mp3 effectively on your phone, please refer to the instruction on how to download Zing Mp3 and use the details in this article. content after.

Zing MP3 application allows users to listen to music, watch attractive MV with high quality from domestic artists to artists abroad for free. At the same time, Zing MP3 also offers a series of smart support features that help users enjoy music the way they want, quickly and conveniently right on their mobile devices.

Instructions for using Zing Mp3 on your phone

However, not all users know and use these features. In this article, Taimienphi will share the Zing mp3 download link as well as summarize the instructions and share to you how to use Zing MP3 to listen, download optimal high quality music, bring the richest experience.

When participating in using Zing MP3 on phones and computers, users depending on the class will experience a Zing MP3 listening style, and rich online quality music store with a full range of genres, updated update continuously the hottest new content, sorted by album, video, artist, charts, Top 100 and hot music topics, …


By default, you can use Zing MP3 without an account, but to discover and use all the features on Zing MP3 effectively, you Register for a Zing MP3 account for the best music listening experience.
– Download Zing MP3 for Android devices: Download Zing MP3 for Android
– Download Zing MP3 for iOS devices: Download Zing MP3 for iPhone

When open Zing mp3, you will immediately see the 5 main function tags are: Personal, Discover, #zingchart, MV and Follow is shown in the menu bar below the screen.

1. Individual Card
The personal card is the place to manage Library Your favorite songs, playlists, albums, MVs, etc. are available, and there is also an item here Download manager help you manage capacity and songs to download to your device.

How to use Zing Mp3 on Android and iPhone

2. Discovery Card

In Discovery Card is a place where many Playlist, anthology of songs and videos edited by MP3 Zing are arranged according to the topics that suit the mood, many people are interested in such as: ยท HOT Music, Albums, Videos clips, Artists, Charts, Top 100, …
In each major item TOP 100 are divided into subcategories such as Top 100 Best Young Music Songs, Top 100 Best American and European Pop Songs, Top 100 Best Love Songs, … which are all outstanding songs and shows view. In addition, you can leave comments (comments) with those songs and videos.

How to use Zing Mp3 on your mobile device

3. The #Zingchart tag
At this card, users can view the ranking of the most popular songs or videos recently, based on the number of views and views on MP3 Zing.

How to listen to music on Mp3 Zing phone

4. MV card
True to its name, in the MV Card users can watch live music videos, entertainment most popular recently. You can also drop emoticons, comments right below your favorite MVs.

Download high quality chat on Zing Mp3

5. Tracking Card
In the Tracking tab You can easily find and update the latest information on the domestic and international music situation or the latest activities of the artists you admire.

Download free music on Zing Mp3

In addition, you can set various tweaks on sound quality, theme, sound quality, video or music downloading options, customize using Zing MP3 by going to Personal card and click Gear icon in the right corner of the screen.

Watch high quality video chat on Zing Mp3

Select section Music player and edit the settings as desired.

How to use Zing Mp3 on your phone

So showed you how to use Zing MP3 on your phone. In addition, another way of using Zing MP3 is to listen to Zing MP3 music and download the entire song list in the Zing MP3 chart and store in the device to listen to music offline. If possible you should search for quality music tracks then download high quality mp3 music to get the best audio experience.

Zing MP3 is like many other digital music services like Nhaccuatui or Nhacso that provide users with a synchronized experience on both computers and phones. When using Zing MP3 on your mobile, you can also easily download music albums just like when you use Zing MP3 to listen to music on your computer.

However, in contrast to when listening to Zing MP3 music on computers, users when using Zing MP3 on mobile should register an account to ensure that they can add music to individual playlists, subscribe to VIP packages to download high quality Mp3 music phone or computer. Those are undoubtedly the incentives cannot be had if users do not register Zing MP3 to use Zing MP3 to listen to music everyday.
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